Taurus January 2020

Taurus, lights

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Aiming High

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in Aquarius and your career sector until the 13th. There’s no reason to hold back now when it comes to your work or vocation, your status or reputation. This is the time to go for it and focus on your life direction.

With Venus in Aquarius, you have the ability to be objective and take a wide view of your current situation. This isn’t the time to be emotional about work or career matters either. Instead, be smart and use your sound business head to think things through carefully and make strategic decisions.

This is most relevant for a business partnership or work connection, although it could apply to your personal life as well. This is because Mars is your partner planet and is powering through fire sign Sagittarius from the 3rd onwards.

Money Matters

Mars in Sagittarius is an enthusiastic combination and an indication that you have to keep a healthy balance in your 1-to-1’s. Allow yourself to be fired up if it benefits you but don’t follow someone else’s goals or dreams above your own. More likely than not, this will lead to disillusionment and the same can be said for comparing yourself unfavourably to others.

Where the real gold lies this month is in getting clear about where you’re heading and why. You need a strategy because not only is Venus in Aquarius and your career sector but Mercury (communication) and the Sun (identity) move in to Aquarius on the 16th and 20th respectively.

The peak of the Aquarius planetary activity is the 24th when there’s a New Moon in Aquarius, a symbol of new beginnings. This is an ideal time to plan your next moves, not only for the following few weeks but for 2020 in general. 

Try not to be overly rebellious or impulsive when it comes to work in the days leading up to the New Moon, the 18th and 23rd in particular. This is when Uranus in your star sign Taurus clashes with both Mercury and the Sun.

Mars in Sagittarius is boosting your joint finance sector. This means you can make great strides in this area of your life if you’re willing to take risks. The one date when it’s not advised to leap into action is the 28th when Mars clashes with Neptune. This feels seductive as if you’ve not got your wits about you.

There is, however, great potential this month for you to do well financially. Perhaps a new opportunity emerges with regard to your work or career which boosts your income. That’s the best case scenario, but do be ready for some major shifts in your life direction during eclipse season.

Eclipse Season & Saturn-Pluto

The Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse takes place on the 10th followed two days later by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th. This Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020.

In your horoscope, this is primarily about communication and education. Eclipses bring change, so you might be going back to school, decide to drop out of university or course or have a specific issue with qualifications or learning that’s personal to you.

Capricorn represents higher education, also life experience. This sector of your horoscope is about travel, living abroad, your philosophy on life, your beliefs and religion. These areas are currently being challenged, whether you can’t live where you choose or what you believe is under attack.

Ultimately, the intense planetary activity may flag up where you feel limited or held back in life. Keeping an open view on things and believing anything is possible may not work so well under this challenging planetary set-up. 

The Uranus Factor

What takes place mid-month could urge you to act spontaneously, do things differently and break out of a rut. This is because Uranus, the planet of change, turns direct in your star sign Taurus on the 11th, sandwiched between the Eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. 

This combination indicates that you may want to break free from fear or doubt or an obstacle that’s holding you back. Alternatively, life could step in to move you in a new direction.

There is a hidden theme, however, during the eclipse. Everything goes dark momentarily, as if the lights have been switched off. When they come back on, things look different, like one of those party games where people move around and you need to be observant and take note of what’s changed. Traditionally, it’s wise not to make any final decisions during the eclipse itself. Wait a few days for things to settle.

Friends & Romance

Later this month, on the 13th, your ruler Venus leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces and your friends and group sector. This means that networking is the key to your success and fun and friendship take priority. 

Make time for socialising and don’t focus solely on work. Alternatively, if you’re extra busy over the first two weeks of January with work or career matters, slow things down so you can find time for your social life. Either that, or line up key individuals who can help with your career goals or a vocational project and make your life easier in the process.

There’s potentially a romantic flavour to the second half of January, especially when Venus teams up with Neptune on the 27th. Neptune rules romance and Venus rules love, so this is an alluring and seductive combination.

There’s a fantasy feel to your love life or at least it’s not steeped in reality. This can prove fun if you’re willing to give in to your sensual nature and love of indulgence. Venus and Mars do clash on the same date, however, so ensure you’re not completely seduced or fooled by someone close.

You’re a savvy earth sign so tap into your natural instincts and suss out who’s worthy of your attention and who’s not. The plus side of the Pisces influence in the second half of the month is that it’s great for creative or artistic get-togethers, whether you’re enjoying the music or making the art.

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