Taurus January 2017

Taurus, January 2017

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Your ruling planet Venus leaves Aquarius and your career and vocation sector on January 3rd. So it’s important to ensure that you do whatever’s needed to complete the year that’s gone before you head into a new year.

The first days of the January could prove pivotal for you when it comes to your goals for 2017. In fact, what you decide right at the start of the new year could set you up for the year ahead and certainly it’s time to consider the bigger picture.

Yet before rushing headlong into 2017, it’s worth noting that Mercury remains retrograde until January 8th. Plus, the Sun only enters Aquarius and your career sector on January 19th so this is the best time of the month to implement new plans that have been brewing over Christmas 2016 and the New Year period.

Once the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, it’s a steady run culminating in a stunning New Moon in Aquarius on January 28th. This could turn out to be a peak moment in the month for you whether you’re looking for a job, you want to launch a website or you’re ready for some exciting career plans and motivation. New Moons are brilliant to set your intentions and start afresh.

There are other factors which might play into what’s happening in your life now. The most important being that Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector on January 8th. Mercury is here for a few days only, from the 4th to the 12th and the 8th is the all-important turning point.

Finances may have been a tricky area for some time now as Sagittarius is also where you find taskmaster Saturn, the planet that likes to throw a few obstacles in your path. Yet Mercury’s about-turn could indicate a release from a difficult financial situation. A chance to pay off a debt or set up a financial transaction that’s ideal for you.

Yet it is important that you don’t lose your wonderful Taurus common sense in January or put too much faith in hope and possibility and forget that you need to be practical as well. Your hopes and wishes sector is strong throughout January as action planet Mars is in Pisces until January 28th and your ruling planet Venus moves into Pisces on January 3rd.

This means that you’re in Neptune’s realm throughout the first month of the year. Mars is at the same place in the zodiac as Neptune on January 1st and your ruler Venus teams up with Neptune on the 12th, the day of a powerful Full Moon.

Neptune’s lovely for visualisation, feeling blessed, being grateful for what you have. There’s a sensitive, ethereal quality to Neptune that taps you into something beyond the everyday. You can experience this through a creative or spiritual source.

Yet always with Neptune, it’s important to ensure you have an anchor that brings you back down to earth and that you make some sensible moves. Absolutely use any tools at your disposal to allow yourself to dream but back up your bigger vision with practical goals. This is especially important on the 19th and 27th when sober Saturn squares up first to Mars and then Venus in Pisces.

This may relate to practical money matters and not spending a fortune on shiny new ideas and creative projects. For you, this relates specifically to group activities because Pisces lights up your friendship and group sector. So it’s here where you’re wise not to get carried away on a whim. Yes, do what you can to help others but as long as you pay attention to your own needs first.

Yet on the whole this is a month to think big even if all your plans don’t materialise immediately. This time of year is important to find hope within your heart, to seek out new possibilities, to line up adventure.

The Sun is in your fellow earth sign Capricorn until January 19th and communication planet Mercury returns back to Capricorn on January 12th, the day of that all-important Full Moon. You may be rethinking holiday or study plans due to work or health issues and the Full Moon is powerful because it creates a Grand Cross pattern in the zodiac.

The Sun sits next to Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon is squared by a Jupiter-Libra opposition, the freedom planets. These bigger planetary energies kicked in at the end of November and December 2016 and they play a vital role in the astrology throughout 2017.

This is about breaking free from a routine job, finding alternative health treatments and well-being routines that benefit your mind, body and soul. It’s not getting stuck in a rut, feeling that there’s nothing to look forward to in life. In fact, it’s just the opposite and this month is really important to line up some bold and audacious goals for your year ahead.

Being a Taurus, you can be quite happy in a regular routine but there’s new energy now lining you up for some big moves, whether this involves emigration, working abroad, taking a sabbatical, studying or learning that relates to a life-long dream.

Finally, this could be an intriguing month for love and relationships. Both your own planet, Venus, and your partner planet, Mars spend the majority of January in the same sign, romantic Pisces. So if you’re in a relationship or married, dream up some long-term goals for the two of you. Every relationship needs something special to keep love alive.

Money worries could halt your plans but don’t let them if possible. Find alternative ways to follow your dreams, whether this means a house swap instead of a luxury holiday or staying with friends while you enjoy a new course of activity together. Ring the changes and seek out new experiences.

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