Taurus Horoscope November 2022

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Ruling Planet

Your ruling planet is Venus representing love & money, art & beauty. Venus has been journeying alongside the Sun, last month in Libra and your work and health sector, this month in Scorpio and your relationship sector.

Venus is said to be in detriment in Scorpio, a star sign she’s not comfortable in. Yes, Scorpio represents passion, intensity and obsession but who’s to say they’re not worthwhile attributes for the Goddess of love.

Venus remains in Scorpio until the 17th and is caught up in all the major planetary activity that’s happening before then.

Lunar Eclipse

Most importantly this month, there’s a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your star sign Taurus on the 8th and Venus is the ruler of this eclipse. This is part of the eclipse cycle cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac highlighting relationships in your life, also your identity, your personal goals & aims. This eclipse cycle lasts until October 2023.

Venus sits in Scorpio and your relationship sector next to the Sun and the planet of communication Mercury during the Lunar Eclipse. All three planets are opposed by the planet of change Uranus in your star sign Taurus. The Moon & Uranus are close during the eclipse, both at the same degree.

This combination is volatile & unpredictable. You could be standing up against the status quo. Or, be ready to break ties or part ways from a relationship, a partnership or joint venture.

Alternatively, meeting someone new this month could turn your life on its head. Uranus is the planet linked to technology, so you may meet someone online, someone alternative or unconventional who lights up your life.

Eclipses can coincide with drama. Relationships are where there’s intensity in your life and it’s wise to pay close attention to what’s happening. Meeting someone new could start a period of self-transformation and dramatically change your attitude.

Alternatively, you recognise the impact your actions have on other people. Listen carefully to your emotions during the eclipse. Ideally, wait a few days before making an important decision.

This eclipse is triggering the Saturn-Uranus square aspect which was the major planetary aspect in 2021. These two planets have been in conflict once again since the middle of 2022 and this is their final clash.

Saturn represents the authorities, a parental figure, responsibility, rules & regulations. Whereas Uranus is the rebel, the entrepreneur and the outsider.

Saturn is in Aquarius and your career and future sector, whereas Uranus is in Taurus and your personal sector. Uranus is urging you to break with tradition, do things differently and shake things up. You may already know what this means for you personally.

Something may have to break down in your life before you can break through. The period from the 5th to the 11th is super lively. Consider who or what you may be up against and look out for an unexpected occurrence that may come from left field. The 5th & 7th are potentially the trickiest dates for you.

Jupiter Joy

Things settle down a little once the inner planets begin to move into fire sign Sagittarius. There’s less intensity and more expansion. Before then, however, your planet Venus in Scorpio teams up with lucky Jupiter on the 15th followed closely by two more positive Jupiter trine aspects on the 16th & 21st. These involve Mercury & the Sun.

Jupiter’s the biggest and best planet in astrology and this is a good time to expand your horizons and widen your social circle. You could meet someone new via a friend’s introduction. Or, perhaps you’re looking to the future with your partner by your side.

Jupiter moved back into Pisces on October 28th and is completing its journey through this sector of your horoscope. It moves on by the end of December.

This feels social for you as Pisces represents friends, groups, social concerns and your wider network. This is about finding people of like minds and making sure that your social life is not only fun but supportive as well. Bring new friends into your life by embracing new activities and make an effort to catch up with old friends. 

Jupiter’s move through Pisces may be about taking what you do out into the wider world and getting people on board who can help you. This could involve gathering people around you, people who can work alongside you and people who make life not only easier but more enjoyable and fun. 

Sagittarius Season

Your ruler Venus enters Sagittarius on the 17th, the day after Mercury on the 16th. Plus, on the 21st, the Sun changes star sign heralding Sagittarius season. Fire signs are motivated and you may be more than ready to leave the darkness behind and embrace the future.

Sagittarius rules joint finances in your horoscope. If you’re true to your star sign, you have a good business head and tend to make sound investments. Dealing with what’s visible and tangible could bring more satisfaction your way than diving into the dark places.

However, before getting carried away financially, it’s important to note that action planet Mars is now retrograde in Gemini and your personal money sector. Therefore, this isn’t a time to rush ahead, although you’re wise to consider what your best moves are financially.

There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd, the same day that Jupiter turns direct. This is powerful astrology as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. This feels positive for receiving a gift or bonus, asking for a loan or financial aid. There’s a little bit of luck in the air during this period so make the most of it.

Be wary of scams or overly persuasive tactics on or around the 19th and firm up a financial offer or contract on or around the 28th.

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