Taurus Horoscope February 2023

Taurus horoscope

Onwards & Upwards

During last month, January 2023, two key planets were retrograde, i.e. on go slow. Therefore, it may have taken you a while to get going. The good news is that February’s vibes progress the ‘new year’ theme, a time to embrace change and look to the future.

This is important because the Sun is in Aquarius, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope, until the 18th. And, talk planet Mercury joins the Sun here on the 11th.

Aquarius rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation. It’s linked to your future path, your next steps. Aquarius rules technology and all things modern and this is an ideal month to consider how you can embrace future trends.

You could move a business online, set up a website, learn about AI or commit to a course of online study. You might be out and about within society, helping others and being committed to your beliefs, your values and your desire to bring about change.

The Full Moon on the 5th could be a stand-out date as it cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope. Full Moons often bring clarity when the light of the Moon is at its brightest. It may be a time when you’re re-jigging the work/life balance.

Yet, there’s another reason why this Full Moon is a pivotal marker in the month. This is because both the Sun and Moon are square to Uranus, the planet of change and reinvention. This is important for you because Uranus is currently in your star sign Taurus.

You may be more than ready to leap in and do things differently. Perhaps, you decide to leave a job or veer away from one path in life. Or, life could step in to lead you in a new direction as Uranus can coincide with the unexpected. Get ready to ride the waves of life during the Full Moon phase.

One area of your life where you can make progress this month is money and it’s here where you’re wise to focus your ambition. 

This is because action planet Mars is picking up speed in Gemini and your personal money sector. Draw up new plans, do your accounts and be vocal in what you want to achieve financially. You might be able to get things moving again where they stalled late last year.

Friends & Connections

Friends and connections are also under the cosmic spotlight this month. This is because your ruling planet Venus is in Pisces until the 20th and the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th.

Therefore, this is a positive time to practise love and gratitude. Be kind and caring and you open yourself up to receive the same in return. There’s a theme of surrender inherent within the star sign Pisces and this whole combination favours forgiveness and letting go of past hurts.

This theme is particularly strong on the 15th when there’s a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This favours beauty, kindness and divine guidance. 

The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th is another stand-out date for connections, both emotional and social. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings and this is your friendship and group sector. It would be an ideal time to find your people, your tribe.

Reach out to other people and connect with your emotions. Pisces is one of the water signs, intuitive and psychic. You may be wild-swimming with friends or find a creative or artistic group to join. It’s via your friends and your social interactions where hope and faith can be found.

Also, your friends could be there for you if one door closes. The key date is the 10th when there’s a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and your travel and study sector. Things come to an end under Pluto’s gaze. Consider which plans to let go of this month and where to recommit your time and energy.

Hidden Love

Finally, when it comes to love, Venus’ move into Aries on the 20th indicates that things could be happening behind the scenes or in private. This may be a love affair you want to keep secret or unrequited feelings. 

Perhaps, you’re trying to let go of someone from your past and, even though you’re making progress, you’re not quite ready. This is possible with Venus in the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

Work things out internally rather than making any sudden moves. Early March is when love could reach a new and more fulfilling stage.

In general, this is a top month to get people on your side, ask for support or friendship when you need it and don’t feel that you have to try and achieve everything by yourself. As a Sun Taurus, you know more than most that happiness comes via contentment and the easy, natural flow of life.

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  1. Hi Sally
    I’ve ready both mine (28 apr 70) and my partners 10 Nov 73) seeking guidance for a way forward for us together. We’ve hit a crossroads after 2.5 yr intense magical relationship ( we do t live together) but see each other weekly up until his work travel resumed. . We both love each other deeply and are usually so connected but over last 4-5 mths real deep open communication has been sparse. He travels a lot for work, bouts of illness then long holidays in Europe with his wife ( separated) and teenage daughter. Never seemed time for deep meaningful words…last week we decided to space between us as I felt he was struggling with emotional conflict between his life in UK/Europe and our here in Asia. I don’t want marriage again ( divorced) with 2 daughter but I guess I do want to be significant in his life ( not confined to just us) but for me to meet his friends as his partner etc…I. Is this the closure of our relationship or can fix himself and continue our amazing path together??? He wants space and time which is hard for me not to be able to talk to him….

    1. Hi Marion, thank you for your comment. It sounds as if you may need an astrology reading? Unfortunately, my next availability is March 2023. If you want to book in for then, you can find out more on the Astrology Readings page. Sending you very best wishes.

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