Taurus Horoscope April 2022

Taurus horoscope April 2022, big wave surfing

Venus’ Vibes

Your ruling planet Venus is playing a major role in events this month. The big news is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces and your friendship and group sector on the 12th. This is about your hopes and wishes, your future path. Venus in Pisces is encouraging you to keep moving forward, to engage with society, to seek emotional support.

On the 5th, Venus changes star sign and leaves behind Aquarius and your career sector. There may be a significant reason why you’re closing a door on the past – see below. Venus’ move into Pisces is softer, gentler and favours connection & collaboration over competition.

You may have to wait until the end of the month to get the full power of Venus in Pisces. On the 27th, Venus aligns with imaginative Neptune and on the 30th, Venus aligns with lucky Jupiter.

There’s an open-hearted feel to your current astrology whether you’re welcoming people into your life. Or, you’re joining in with other people to find your inner artist or to pursue your spiritual path. The emphasis on the star sign Pisces is urging you to go in deep.

Mars & Saturn

On the 5th, the day that Venus leaves Aquarius, you may be feeling the crunch. This is when there’s a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and your career and vocation sector. Mars is the planet of action and speed and wants things to happen and fast. Whereas, Saturn is the opposite principle, slow and steady, the planet of endings and limitation.

Therefore, you may be in a situation where one role, job or position of responsibility has come to an end and you’re faced with a decision about what next. You may be up against the authorities or a challenging boss.

Yet, the flip side of the Mars-Saturn conjunction offers you inner strength and the determination to rise to life’s challenges. Yes, you have to dig deep but there’s power within this combination.

Mars is the planet of ambition and is boosting your future path, your next steps until the 15th. Be pro-active around your work, your vocation. Aquarius rules society and online initiatives. Note that Mars is your partner planet, so this may also be relevant for what’s happening in their lives and how that impacts you.

Rest & Retreat

There’s another factor that’s important to note. This is the Sun in Aries and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until the 20th. Sometimes, you want to retreat or hide away during this transit of the Sun. It’s about inner work, turning your attention to your personal development and engaging with your spirit, your soul.

Life may be slowing you down in April, giving you the opportunity to discover a rich inner life. Don’t rush this month, go with the flow and allow yourself time to think and breathe, to tap into your inner voice, to find a sense of knowingness about what’s right moving forwards.

As the month begins, there’s a New Moon in Aries on the 1st. Listen carefully for signs & synchronicities during the first weekend of April. A conversation or insights could prove revealing.

The Full Moon on the 16th is an ideal date for meditation, for being quiet. This is a time to do what’s right for your work and health, find ways to release stress, notice where and how you can help and care for yourself and others. You may be looking after someone at home or feel drawn towards a volunteering role. Do what’s right for you and prioritise your well-being.

Taurus’ Power

The Sun’s move into Taurus on the 20th is a potential turning point as the Sun brings vitality and warmth to your star sign. This is when you may gain a confidence boost or your energy returns.

Talk planet Mercury is in Taurus too from the 11th until the 29th. Again, this indicates that this is a month to focus on your personal wants and needs. It would be a good time to journal, to talk yourself up, to engage with your inner self. 

There’s another New Moon this month, a Black Moon which is also a Solar Eclipse. This is a powerful symbol for you as it falls in your star sign Taurus on the 30th. This eclipse is part of an eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 and completes in October 2023.

It’s a significant eclipse cycle as it falls in your star sign Taurus and your opposite star sign Scorpio. This inevitably turns the wheel of fortune towards your destiny & your close relationships. It can be a time of personal transformation when you see yourself differently and this impacts your one-to-one partnerships.

The theme of change runs through the eclipse on the 30th as it links to Uranus, the planet of innovation and unpredictability. The 18th is potentially a lively date too. It’s not necessarily easy astrology but it does require you to step up and embrace change. 

Aim to respond rather than react to life’s events and take this opportunity to do things differently, especially if you recognise what’s not working for you. Use the experimental and dynamic planetary force that’s Uranus to start over in some way.

Planets in Taurus highlight your image and profile, your personal goals, who are you and who you’re becoming. Plus, the ruler of the Taurus eclipse is your planet Venus next to lucky Jupiter on the same day, the 30th.

Therefore, this eclipse could be extraordinary for you. Sometimes, Solar Eclipses feel like a turbo-powered New Moon, when you’re raring to go and ready to take a bold step in life, a leap of faith. It’s often not only a beginning but an ending too.

Perhaps, you’re ready to move on from a partnership in your life. Or, maybe you see yourself more clearly because of another person’s intervention or someone you meet. Use the eclipse energy to take advantage of a shifting situation and turn the cosmic spotlight towards you rather than towards another person. Ideally, wait a few days for the eclipse energy to settle before striding out on a new path.

Jupiter-Neptune themes

The once-in-a-lifetime Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is exact on April 12th. We’ve been surfing its waves since February and there’s a way to go yet. It peaks this month, continues into May & there may be a Jupiter-Neptune revival in November/December.

Jupiter-Neptune themes conjure up big dreams, a cultural renaissance, a spiritual awakening, miracles, revelation, awe & wonder. In Pisces, it’s a flood of emotion, a wave of imagination, a rush of compassion & interconnectedness. It’s also wise to avoid fake news, be wary of scams, choose your faith carefully & lose yourself in a good way.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 11th house ruling your friends, groups, social activities and concerns. This would be an ideal time to reconnect with old and new friends alike. Alternatively, join a club, society or community project that has a Jupiter-Neptune theme. Do your bit for society and join in with a humanitarian, environmental or social cause.

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