Taurus February 2021

Taurus horoscopes February 2021

Aim High

This is a month when you’re wise to aim high and consider what next in your life and there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, your planet Venus enters Aquarius and your career & vocation sector on the 1st where it remains until the 25th.

Therefore, this is an ideal time to set your sights on your future path and consider your next steps. You may find that you can’t not do this either, as there’s so much intensity in this part of your horoscope.

The planetary activity peaks during the New Moon on the 11th, a symbol of new beginnings. Plus, on the day of the New Moon, your ruling planet Venus teams up with the best planet in astrology, Jupiter. Some of you could find that a new opportunity lands in your lap.

Either way, you’re wise to stay motivated and keep moving forward. You might be making waves online or on social media as Aquarius is the sign linked to new technologies.

You could be actively involved with what’s happening out in the world and sense that you’re on a mission to make a difference.

Mars’ Power

There is another reason why you’re being called forth to get things moving and that planet is Mars. You have action planet Mars in Taurus throughout February.

Mars represents drive and ambition, it’s about speed and force. Yes, Mars in an earth sign Taurus can be steady and determined but you still have the wind behind your sails.

Mars is square to the line up of planets in Aquarius during the New Moon and actively in conflict with other planets on the 1st, 10th & 19th. This means that you may not see eye-to-eye with people at work. Alternatively, you’re not happy with what you’re being told or the direction that a project, job or organisation is going in.

This could link in to the Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th. Saturn in Aquarius squares revolutionary Uranus in your star sign Taurus.

Both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs and can be stubborn. Yet, Uranus is urging you to break with tradition, do things differently and shake things up. You may already know what this means for you personally.

Mercury Retrograde

Also this month, communication planet, Mercury, retreats back through Aquarius for the first three weeks of February. You might be revisiting a job or project that you started last month or in the first half of 2020. Or, perhaps you’re reviewing your current situation and reconnecting with old contacts.

Mercury turns direct on the 21st, a significant turning point. As this takes place in Aquarius, it’s about your career and vocation, your status and reputation. You hear the news you’ve been waiting for. Or, you finally get the go-ahead with a new role or job.

Ideally, use this turning point to explore your options and follow things up if people have gone quiet on you. Mercury’s change of direction is ideal for second chances. This could help you sort out a technological issue as Aquarius rules all things modern.

Social & Romantic Connections

Finally, the Sun’s move into Pisces on the 18th feels more social for you. Pisces rules friends and group connections and the Full Moon on the 27th is an ideal date to get together with the ones you love.

It’s potentially a romantic Full Moon for you as it falls in Virgo and your romance sector. Plus, on the 25th, your ruling planet Venus enters romantic Pisces too. Love & friendship are closely linked.

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