Taurus December 2016

Taurus, Christmas

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

December is a month for some big decisions and it’s likely to be one of the most eventful months of the year, ready or not.

Travel and study are two key areas this coming month. Venus, your ruling planet is in Capricorn and your big picture sector until the 7th but it’s Mercury’s turn of events that are most intriguing.

Communication planet Mercury enters Capricorn on the 2nd so the first half of December is a positive time to think about what you want to do more of in 2017. Expand your horizons, go to events that inspire you, talk to people about holidays, courses, how you want to enrich your life.

On the 19th however, Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn and will be on go slow until January 8th 2017. So if you are travelling over the Christmas period, allow yourself plenty of time, have plan B up your sleeve and be flexible. Double check all travel documents too before you set off on any journey.

This is also about change on an inner level and if you know that you want to do something special in the coming year, allow yourself time to reflect and think things through. The period between Christmas and New Year is especially powerful in this respect as the New Moon takes place in Capricorn on the 29th and links in to Mars and Neptune in the sector of your chart which rules your hopes and wishes.

Sometimes when Mercury is retrograde in this part of your chart, it’s a lovely period to go somewhere different, to step out of your routine, your comfort zone. Being in new surroundings will help shift your perspective so you see life differently.

Your career and vocation sector is also lit up this month and another reason to focus on what next. Action planet Mars is in Aquarius and this sector of your chart until the 19th. This is busy, ambitious, dynamic and go-getting and there’s a lot you can achieve when you put your mind to it early in the month.

Mars in Aquarius, the sign of technology and group activities, is brilliant for social media, networking, using your connections to make swift progress. The period from the 2nd to the 7th is especially lively in this respect. Attend a workshop or conference, listen to a webinar, get involved.

Your ruling planet Venus is also in Aquarius from the 7th and is involved in some spectacular planetary activity on Christmas Day. You might want to make a surprise announcement to the people you love whether this means saying yes to a new job or promotion, changing your career path or stepping back so you can have a break.

If you’re in a relationship or married, note that the lovers of the heavens, Mars and Venus, both spend time in Aquarius this month so any big career decisions for one of you has a knock on effect with the other.

Money matters too are part of the picture as the Sun is in your joint finance sector until the 21st. The Full Moon on the 14th is a key date in this respect and a good date to make a finance-related decision. Saturn’s here too so this isn’t a time for extravagance but instead pool resources to limit any debt, set up a savings scheme or help one another out financially within your family.

Listen to your intuition over the Christmas break too when Saturn is in a gorgeous trine aspect to Uranus on Christmas Day, December 25th. This would be a wonderful time to put your faith in a money deal that ticks all the right boxes and for some, this indicates a gift of money, a helping hand.

Christmas itself is a time when you might make some radical decisions to step back from aspects of everyday life. You could decide to turn off the news and avoid being immersed in tragedy or bad news on a daily level or choose to stay away from religion or ideologies that divide rather than unite.

This is because Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on December 26th, Boxing Day. In order to stay balanced or keep the peace, what do you have to eliminate from your life, what’s a constant form of stress?

These are the questions to ask yourself as 2016 comes to a close. You might be in a position where you want to experience more quiet or solitude in life and any activity that can help you achieve this is strongly recommended, e.g. a retreat or daily spiritual practise.

The astrology over Christmas also indicates the importance of self care and looking after you. Jupiter in Libra lights up your health sector so some decisions you make now can help you lower your stress levels and make your well-being a priority.

As it’s such a lively picture astrologically, you can’t dismiss the fact that job changes could be another reason why you’re having to rethink what next.

Or you’re working the Christmas shifts or attending a charity Christmas rather than the traditional family affair. Whatever it means for you, it’s about doing things differently and not feeling that you have to bow to convention.

2 thoughts on “Taurus December 2016”

  1. Laurel Hutcherson

    The full Moon in Taurus conjunct my sun and mercury had a subtle and then not so subtle effect on me. I have begun to clear things off my “gonna do” list. I finally did something I have been thinking about doing for ages: I got lovely blue streaks in my gray hair. I love the changes! When I saw the blue in my hair I was delighted. Now I really am a blue haired old lady – but with a modern twist!

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