Taurus April 2018

Taurus, mountains

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

There’s a lot that’s right in your world when you have Venus, your planet, at home in your star sign Taurus. This astrological event happens once a year and Venus moved into Taurus on the last day of March where it remains until April 24th.

Venus loves being in Taurus as this is the planet of beauty in the sign which represents nature and art. Venus can be indulgent and sensual in the slower-moving earth sign, Taurus. Stop and smell the flowers this month and find contentment in simple pleasures.

Venus in Taurus is ideal for enjoyment, love-making and artistic projects. When planets are in your star sign, this is not only about your personal aims but also your image and profile. You may choose to go on a shopping spree and update your wardrobe or trial a new hairstyle or look. Nothing too drastic, however, especially while Mercury is retrograde until the 15th.

In fact, you may find you’re more than ready to slow down the pace, to be grateful for what you have and appreciate the good things in life. This is potentially a reflective time for you, especially while the Sun is in Aries until the 20th and communication planet Mercury is on go slow in Aries for the first two weeks of April.

For some Taurus individuals, this may be a time when you’re caring for others, perhaps in an earth mother kind of way, bringing nurture and comfort to the ones you love. Or you might be caring for someone who’s sick or incapacitated in some way.

When key planets are in Aries, your attention turns inward and it’s a good time to take care of yourself, prioritise relaxation and be kind to yourself. If your inner critic has grown harsh, quieten his/her voice and choose instead to use this time for reflection and self-remembering.

Some of you may be on a religious quest this month, a pilgrimage or spiritual path. There’s little emphasis now on the work and money sectors of your horoscope, at least until the 24th when your ruler Venus moves into Gemini and your money sector. Up until then, you’re seeking something more that lies beyond the materialistic side of life.

This is not only because of the stack of planets in Aries and a questioning sector of your horoscope but also Mars’ transit through Capricorn, your fellow earth sign. Capricorn represents the bigger picture in your horoscope, it’s where you find meaning in life and a sense of purpose.

You might be planning a big trip or adventure or considering signing up to an educational course. This is a time when you’re more likely to channel your ambition into doing something worthwhile, helping other people, taking on a charity challenge and getting involved out in the world.

In fact, you could find you have immense levels of stamina and endurance now, which would be helpful if you’re training for a marathon or climbing a mountain. As a Taurus, you know that slow and steady wins the race and your own levels of self-discipline are currently on fire. Any project that requires you to show up day in, day out suits your persistent and diligent nature.

Mars isn’t the only planet in Capricorn as Mars encounters Saturn on the 2nd and Pluto on the 26th. This could be a pivotal month if you’re involved in a legal case. If you’re going to court or you’re involved in any kind of competitive situation, it’s important to note that you’re up against some formidable power.

If you want to push through any kind of deal or negotiation, aim for the middle of April rather than the beginning or end. Your planet Venus has tons of support from the 7th to the 17th and this is a time to get allies on your side and line up some expert advice or people or friends who can help you.

Love too may blossom this month, especially if you meet someone when you’re abroad or in a place of study or learning. Note any new opportunities to broaden your horizons and a teacher or guide could also play a significant role in your life.

If you’re in a relationship or married, enjoy some time together being cosy and quiet but also think about taking on a new challenge or adventure. A holiday with a difference, a new learning experience. Push back the boundaries of life and don’t just stick with the tried and tested.

You can learn from one another now and a relationship that allows you both to grow and be bigger than who you are on your own is more likely to last.

This month’s Full Moon lights up the star sign Scorpio and your relationship sector. This takes place on the 30th, a gorgeous date for renewing your commitment to someone special. Big planet Jupiter is also in Scorpio which confirms that the more you put into your love life, the more you receive in return. Mid-month could offer plenty of opportunity for connection.

The New Moon this month takes place on the 16th, the day after Mercury turns direct in Aries. This New Moon falls in the first sign of the zodiac, so this is not only about a new beginning for you, but also represents letting go.

Clear away the past, fling open the windows and breathe in fresh air. You could experience this as a time of inner change. Once you’ve unlocked or released something that’s been holding you back, you’ll recognise you’re ready for a new stage.

This will come soon once Uranus, the planet of change, moves into your star sign Taurus next month. You’re moving from the inner to the outer and a new discovery or revelation in April could be the starting point for an exciting new adventure or chapter from May onwards.

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