Sun Trine Jupiter: Hope, Faith & Gifts

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Sun Virgo trine Jupiter Capricorn

– September 9, 2020 (23:22 GMT+1)

On September 9th, action planet Mars turns retrograde and you may find yourself running in the wrong direction. When a planet turns retrograde, inevitably your plans change as you find yourself hitting a brick wall or your plans are altered.

Yet, on the same day as Mars moves into retreat, September 9th, there’s a glorious Sun-Jupiter trine aspect in earth signs. The Sun represents vitality, heat and warmth and Jupiter expands what it touches.

This is one of the luckiest planetary combinations between the Sun and Jupiter, symbolising visionary plans, big goals, a search for meaning, and a connection with the divine. Look out for new opportunities coming your way, and notice when and where you can say Yes to life.

Sometimes, it’s when you can’t do what you want that the detour or alternative plan works out well. The Sun-Jupiter connection is about making the best out of any situation, looking on the bright side and spreading optimism. 

Jupiter Turns Direct

Also, Jupiter is slowing right down ready to turn direct on September 13th at 17 Capricorn. Therefore, if you have any planets/angles close to 17 degrees of all three of the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn, you’re plugged in to this positive vibe – allow a one degree orb either way.

Admittedly, Jupiter isn’t at home in Capricorn, where it feels constrained or restricted. Some things that expand or grow during this week’s Jupiter activity may not be what you want to hear or experience.

However, Jupiter in Capricorn knows how to combine the hard work ethic with hope and faith. Jupiter in an earth sign equals realistic dreams, it’s the practical idealist.

It’s a reminder not to believe that anything’s possible in the bonkers year that’s 2020. Yet, at the same time, keep seeking what is possible within the realms and limitations of our current reality.

My Gift To You

The Sun-Jupiter combination is perfect for gifting others, for being generous and big-hearted. That’s why I decided to share some of my weekly horoscopes with you.

They go out to paid subscribers every Sunday morning, giving them inside information into what’s happening and when. You can join the community here: Weekly.

The excerpts below will give you some ideas on how the Sun-Jupiter combination can play out for you this week. Yes, Mars is now retrograde but Jupiter encourages you to have hope & faith, to give & receive, to get in flow with life.

Enjoy your horoscope and do read both your Sun sign & your Ascendant sign.


If you’re looking for work or you’re open to new work-related opportunities, the astrology promises to deliver. Jupiter rules foreign connections and Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn on September 13th.  

Look out for work that takes you abroad, expand your network or learn something new that will kick-start your progress. Jupiter’s the freedom planet, so if you’re not happy with your current job or situation, look out for an opportunity to move on and do things differently.  

Make the most of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, in your career and vocation sector until mid-December. 

On September 9th, Jupiter teams up with the Sun in Virgo. This highlights your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. It’s a great combination for boosting your vitality and energy.


The Sun/Jupiter combination is lovely for you. It lights up the sector of your horoscope which rules all the good things in life. This includes love affairs, children and pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment, fun, luck and play. 

This is the perfect time to prioritise pleasure and do more of what you love. It’s a good time for risk-taking and worth a flutter. Look out for new opportunities.  

You might be proud of a child, meet someone irresistible, gain kudos for an artistic or creative achievement or get tickets for a much-desired form of entertainment.  

Where Jupiter’s concerned, the more you put into life, the more you get back, so this isn’t the week to sit and do nothing. Instead, make the most of this positive vibe.  

Your creativity is in full swing this week so tap into the artistic side of your nature. The more you put into your life outside of your work, the better. Unless your current job, profession or vocation is your passion. If so, then happy days.


This week’s stars indicate that you have an important role to play, perhaps within your family or with people close to you. Certainly, other people will be looking to you to make things beautiful or harmonious or to help with a home or property-related matter.  

Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn on September 13th. This highlights joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. Therefore, it’s about contracts and joint ventures. 

Plus, this links in to the stunning Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th. This planetary aspect is about togetherness, caring for the ones you love, feeling appreciated and supported in return. You may be blessed with an unexpected gift or want to reach out and help someone close. 

If you feel a heart-to-heart would benefit someone you live with or a family member, this is the time to speak up. If you want to ask for a favour or loan, lend money or create an environment whereby you can help each other out, this is your opportunity. 

The Sun/Jupiter combination promises celebration and good times.  You might be able to use your home to make money or take someone in as Jupiter represents protection and generosity.

How can you help others or how can someone close help you? There’s a wonderful vibe of give and take, so make the most of it.


The positive astrology this week is people-oriented. This means it’s a good time to reach out to people, to talk, gossip and share ideas. What you hear will expand your way of thinking and can bring in new opportunities. 

Often when the Sun is in Virgo, you’re busier than usual. Your schedule is lively, you’re curious about life and keen to make new friends and go new places.  

Make the most of the stunning Sun/Jupiter combination mid-week.  Do whatever feels right to extend your network and get to know people close to where you live.  

Siblings and neighbours are part of the planetary picture. There may be good news for someone close to you or someone leaves and moves away, which could be a blessing in itself. 

Jupiter’s change of direction on September 13th is powerful for you as Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn, your relationship sector. It may be a stand-out weekend for love when you’re more than ready for something special to happen.​​​​​​​ It’s not only about your personal 1-to-1’s, as all partnerships are emphasised. 


The Sun/Jupiter connection on September 9th feels lucky for you. The Sun is your ruler and Jupiter expands what it touches. Look out for new opportunities or good news that comes your way. Take a risk, take a chance and be expansive. 

Jupiter represents optimism and the more positive you are, the more in sync you are with life. This is the time to believe that good things will happen and come your way. Have faith and trust in life. 

The Sun/Jupiter connection taps in to your caring nature when there’s a strong sense of give and take. Helping someone out close to you, receiving a gift or offer of help. The natural flow of money works both ways and what you give out, you receive back in return. 

For some of you, this potentially abundant connection could coincide with good news about money, a cash bonus or wealth flowing your way.

Yet, as Jupiter rules freedom, you might decide to move away from a materialistic lifestyle.  This could mean cutting financial ties or removing yourself from a financial obligation. It’s about setting things up so your money works for you and benefits you personally.  

Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn and your work and lifestyle sector on September 13th. This might bring a new work opportunity or freedom from a job or routine.  It’s about doing what’s right for you health-wise too.


The Sun/Jupiter connection on September 9th promises good news for you as both planets are in earth signs. The Sun is shining bright in your star sign Virgo and Jupiter is in Capricorn and your romance sector. This favours new love or your love for a child, a pet or your personal passion. 

Jupiter is linked to travel, higher education, the law and publishing so one of these areas may currently be highlighted for you. If an offer comes your way this week, jump at the chance. If you want to be bold and brave and do something different, life is calling you forth. 

Jupiter loves risk-taking, big vision, excitement and adventure. You might mark this week’s joyful astrology by saying Yes to a new experience. The more you put into your life, the more you will get back in return.


The Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th promises good news. It taps into your spiritual source and a reminder that God is in the detail.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you receive some tender loving care and kindness.  This is an important week to consider what gives you faith in life as Jupiter, the big planet, is linked to meaning, purpose and hope.

Jupiter turns direct on September 13th in Capricorn, the star sign at the base of your horoscope. This is about your roots and where you come from, your home and family. It would be a wonderful weekend for a family celebration or to set off on a trip into your past. 

Also, this is a key time to be thinking about where you live and making the place better for yourself and/or your family. Keep things simple this week and focus on whatever nurtures and sources you.


The Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th hints at good news for a friend, a reason for celebration. If you want to join a new group or you hear about a social occasion that’s right up your street, reach out to others, ask for an invitation and make new friends. 

Jupiter’s energy is strong at the weekend, when it turns direct in Capricorn and your communication and community sector on September 13th. This would be an ideal weekend to line up a get-together or celebration. It’s perfect astrology for socialising and having fun. 

You might be invited to lead a group of people on or around this date, to share your experience or knowledge, to teach others or learn something new. This is a good time for selling or marketing, for advising or coaching others.  

If any new opportunity comes your way at the weekend, it’s worth accepting. A last-minute invitation or spontaneous conversation could be the start of something special.


Jupiter is your ruling planet and turns direct on September 13th. Whatever’s been on hold in your life, this is the equivalent of the floodgates opening as fresh energy pours in. 

The Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th is potentially packed full of good fortune too. You might land a new job, hear about an opportunity to work abroad, be asked to teach, present or share your experiences.  

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth so this is not the time to play small. Stretch your comfort zone and say Yes to any new opportunity that comes your way. This is a powerful time for manifestation.

One of the blessings that Jupiter bestows upon you is the ability to remain positive and optimistic and be philosophical about life, even when times are tough.  

Also, look out for the person who steps in to help you or offers you a gift or compliment. Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn and your personal money sector. This can be about financial reward but it’s about feeling valued and increasing your self-worth too.


The Sun-Jupiter aspect highlights travel, study and any activity which broadens your horizons.  It would be a wonderful week to book a trip and have something to look forward to. You might be keen to study or expand your learning.

Look out for new opportunities which come your way and be ready to say Yes. What you learn or discover via a book, course, talk or event could pique your curiosity and set you on a new path. Beginning any form of study which takes you through to the end of the year is a good move. 

There may be positive news if you’re involved in the world of publishing, the media or the law. Show off your skills and talents. 

This is not a week to let negativity in. Instead, focus on being positive and look on the bright side. Make the most of strong Jupiter vibes this week and know that you have the planet of good fortune boosting your star sign until mid December. 


Jupiter is the planet of hope and faith and when Jupiter is strong, this can coincide with an opportunity to be lucky and take a risk. 

If you play your cards right, you could work out an agreement that not only suits you but ensures your future security.  This is because the Sun in Virgo rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. 

This would be a good time to sign a contract, finalise a deal, talk to your boss, be the boss, get agreements in writing.  Plus, on the Sun/Jupiter trine aspect on September 9th, trust your intuition.

Make a key decision that will affect your financial future in a positive way. The flow of money, goodwill or abundance could indicate a windfall, a cash bonus, a gift or return on investment. Look out for money coming your way and be generous in your giving. 

On September 13th, Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn. There may be a turning point close to this date with regard to a financial or legal matter.​​​​​​​


You have luck on your side this week as your ruling planet, Jupiter, turns direct on September 13th. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune, expansion and optimism. 

The mid-week astrology is ripe for love and celebration. The Sun in Virgo and your relationship sector teams up with big planet, Jupiter, on September 9th. Expand your network and be sociable. Celebrate a good friend’s win or achievement, join a new group or association. 

The mid-week astrology is positive for love, marriage or meeting someone new. It could, however, symbolise a divorce or breaking free as Jupiter is the planet of freedom. Either way, it’s helping you create the relationship situation you want and that suits you. 

For some of you, the Sun/Jupiter combination spells good news for a partner, personal or professional. You might benefit from another person’s triumph or celebrate alongside them.  

There’s a feel-good factor to the Jupiter energy so make the most of it. Be around people who boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. 

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    You are the first astrologer that I can understand clearly and I want to thank you for doing so. I have been following Astrology since 1972 and I believe what it says despite it not being an exact science. I also believe if anyone takes the time to really get involved with Astrology I think they will feel just as I do about it. Thanks you for all of the information you have supplied me with. Camille Roberts

    1. Thank you, Camille. My aim with astrology is to make it real and easy to understand so it’s heartening to read your comment. Sending best wishes.

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