Sun Sign Compatibility and the Royal Couple

photo of Prince William & Kate Middleton
the Royal Couple

Today’s the big day – the Royal Wedding – the eagerly awaited marriage of Prince William (born June 21 1982) to Catherine Middleton (born January 9 1982).  It’s hardly been a whirlwind romance as they started dating when they were at university and next year they both turn 30. This makes sense from an astrological point of view as their Sun signs are Cancer (William) and Capricorn (Kate), two of the more cautious, measured signs of the zodiac.

In Sun sign astrology, a Cancer-Capricorn combination is a case of “opposites attract” and creates a healthy balance. Cancer is the maternal sign of the zodiac ruled by the Moon and represents home and family. (The late Princess Diana, William’s mother, was a classic Cancerian, the original yummy mummy, loved and adored by her two young boys, William and Harry). Capricorn is the paternal sign of the zodiac ruled by Saturn and represents work and status.

Cancer-Capricorn is the security-conscious axis of the zodiac and, together, William and Kate, will no doubt balance royal duties with raising a family and, as a couple, help one another to fulfill their mutual needs. On a Sun sign basis, the royal couple are well suited and family (Cancer) and status (Capricorn) will play a hugely important part in their lives together.

knit your own royal wedding
the knitted Royal Couple


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