Sun Opposite Saturn: Rolling A Boulder Up A Hill

valley-of-roses-64936_1280The Sun entered Gemini earlier today, May 21st 2015 [09:45 BST], the quick-moving, fleet-footed, nippy, zippy sign of the zodiac.

So why do you feel like you’re currently rolling a very heavy boulder up a hill?

Gemini rules ideas & possibility. Geminis are adaptable, inventive, curious about life. Gemini wants to run and skip up the hill, once maybe twice, just for the heck of it.

Yet, this month immediately planets enter Gemini, they come up against a very large obstacle in the shape of Saturn, staring down at them. This is your brick wall, this is your immovable object, this is the boulder you’re pushing up that hill.

The Sun-Saturn opposition is exact on Saturday 23rd May [2:45 BST] but we can already feel Saturn’s might. It’s the authority figure blocking your plans, the person saying ‘no’, black versus white, the lack of energy, the work overload, the impossible quest.

Sun opposite Saturn signals a reality check, the time to question whether you’re banging your head against a brick wall or whether with one more push and shove, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

Mercury/Mars opposite Saturn

This is likely to be an ongoing issue, something that began earlier in the month. Two other planets have already come up against Saturn’s might. First, there was Mercury, planet of communication and the mind, opposed by Saturn on May 3rd. Then came Mars, planet of action and might, opposed by Saturn on May 15th.

So you’ve done the negotiating, you’ve tried persuasion and clever tactics, then perhaps you got stroppy, tried to bully the boulder into submission, felt frustrated, emasculated. Now it’s the Sun’s turn to be opposed by Saturn and this can signal the end of the road.

Enemy of the Lights

Saturn is known as the enemy of the lights, the Sun and Moon, as it rules opposing signs to these two powerful planetary bodies that light the way, the path forward. Saturn blocks out the light, it dampens down the spark of vitality, it lowers your energy, it adds fear and doubt to your identity, your aims, your goals. You feel self-defeated when Saturn opposes the Sun, the essence of who you are.

So how on earth do you deal with this energy? Sometimes it’s important to put your hand up and admit that right now things aren’t working out as they are. Take a step back, look at your situation objectively, is it time to quit? The Sun-Saturn opposition highlights a break in your path. Your recognise that it’s time to learn from your experience and try something different.

Reconnect With You

So pause for a moment, be reflective, look at where you can best channel your energy. Look around the boulder, behind it, over it; re-engage with the Sun’s best qualities, your sense of humour, your playfulness, stop and connect with who you are, your essence.

The Moon in Leo, the Sun’s sign, over the weekend is helpful in this respect. This allows you to put the focus back on you rather than keep focusing all your energy on the person/situation that’s blocking you.

Get your own strength back and then take another look. You might discover it’s just a large rock, a thing, and you’re no longer willing to keep pushing that boulder up the hill.


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