Strictly Come Dancing: Who Will Win?

a phot of Russell Grant and partner Flavia in Strictly Come Dancing
astrologer Russell Grant and his dancing partner, Flavia

Strictly Come Dancing is as wonderful this year as it always is, but it’s so fantastic to see astrologer, Russell Grant, being so popular with the public and being…well,  just fabulous. Russell has already written about the star sign combinations of the dancers on the internet but here is my prediction on the top 7 couples and who’s going to be in the final 3. [sorry Audley, I’m presuming you’ll be exiting soon].

I have to say now that I don’t think Russell (Aquarius) will win with Flavia (Pisces) but they will continue to entertain us for a few weeks yet. Russell is an Aquarian so he will continue to develop his unique and eccentric take on all the dances. I do think he’s brilliant and I’m so pleased he’s obviously loved by the public.

Robbie Savage & Ola (Libra-Libra): This pair are double Libra, which is great for a relationship and any partnership. Libra is artistic and romantic and I think they’ll do well.

Anita Dobson & Robin (Taurus-Virgo): Anita is a wonderful dancer and as both Taurus and Virgo are the same element, this pair are in tune with each other. Jupiter, the winning planet, is in Taurus so Taureans are going to thrive and Robin is a perfectionist – a great combination.

Alex Jones & James (Pisces-Aries): Alex has amazing astrology going on at the moment, lots of growth and new beginnings, but whether it will convert to winning Strictly, I’m not sure. However, these two are “next door neighbours” in astrology compatibility, so they share a good understanding.

Chelsee Healey & Pasha (Leo-Capricorn): Chelsee is a little ball of energy and a full on dramatic Leo. She has a soul-mate connection with Pasha, who is a traditional Capricorn, and will be taking his first Strictly apperance extremely seriously. The soul-connection really helps their dancing partnership and they are going to wow us over the next few weeks.

Holly Valance & Artem/Brendan! (Taurus-Gemini/Taurus):  Holly is a Taurus and very laid back. I think Artem, who’s a lively Gemini,  brings out the best in her, but this week she’s partnered with a fellow Taurean, Brendan. This may be too lazy and laidback (they’re dancing a rumba!), but Brendan is having a Jupiter return, i.e. he’s on form and on a winning streak. Who knows?!

Jason Donovan & Kristina (Gemini-Virgo): Jason’s a fun-loving Gemini and obviously a brilliant energetic dancer. Kristina is a perfectionist Virgo and together they work extremely well. Will the public adore, Jason? Very possibly.

Harry Judd & Aliona (Capricorn-Taurus): Harry comes across as a serious Capricorn, but boy, can he dance. Aliona is a wonderfully sensual Taurean and together they share an earthy vibe – how sexy are they?! I have to say this couple are my favourite pair but Harry needs to develop his personality so that the public warms to him.

My top three and the finalists: Harry & Aliona; Jason & Kristina: Holly & Artem

I will be watching every Saturday and Sunday night and will enjoy every moment!

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