Strictly Come Dancing 2016: The Scorpio Show


I had an inkling that this season’s Strictly Come Dancing celebrities included a few Scorpios in the mix. Having looked at all the birthdates, there’s only one conclusion: this is the Scorpio Strictly Come Dancing season!

One of my favourite shows and much loved by many viewers in the UK, Strictly Come Dancing brightens up the autumn months with the live Saturday night show, the Sunday results show and if you’re especially keen (I am), a regular snippet Monday to Friday at 6:30 with It Takes Two, the Zoe Ball spin off show.

Earth Sign Dominance

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article entitled Strictly Come Dancing Astrology Special which showed that the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, have done extremely well in the competition. In 13 series, 6 winners were earth signs, easily more than any other element. Even the current presenters, Tess Daly (b. April 27 1969) and Claudia Winkleman (b. January 15 1972) are an earth sign duo. Tess is Taurus and Claudia is Capricorn.

To win Strictly, you need to be consistent and behind the glitz and glamour, there are hours and hours of training and hard work, so perhaps this is why the persistent earth signs tend to do well.

Scorpio Power

Yet this season, Scorpio is the dominant Sun sign. There are four Scorpio celebrities, all of whom are still in the competition and four Scorpio dance professionals, three of whom are still dancing going into Week 7. Janette Manrara is the Scorpio dance professional who’s already been eliminated.

There are even two double Scorpio partnerships: Claudia Fragapane (b. October 24 1997) dancing with A J Pritchard (b. November 5 1994) and Ore Oduba (b. November 17 1986) dancing with Joanne Clifton (b. October 24 1983).

The other two Scorpio celebrities are Louise Redknapp (b. November 4 1974) dancing with Kevin Clifton (Libra) and Greg Rutherford (b. November 17 1986) dancing with Natalie Lowe (Leo).

The third Scorpio dance professional is Oksana Platero (b. October 29 1988) dancing with Judge Rinder (Capricorn).

Who Will Win?

So will there be a second Scorpio champion to lift the legendary Glitterball? Caroline Flack was the first Scorpio to win two seasons ago and as Scorpio is a focused and determined sign, they’ll all have their eye on the prize.

Statistically therefore it’s likely although if you’re looking for a perfect earth sign pairing, then you don’t have to look further than Laura Whitmore (Taurus) and her partner Giovanni Pernice (Virgo).

Yet this is the year when the water signs dominate, in particular Scorpio & Pisces. There are a few romantic Pisces left in the pack: Danny Mac (b. February 26 1988) partnered with Oti Mabuse (Leo), dance professional Aljaz Skorjanec (b. February 19 1990) partnered with Daisy Lowe (Aquarius) and Ed Balls! (b. February 25 1967) partnered with Katya Jones (Sagittarius).

This has already proved to be quite a melodramatic season of Strictly as Will Young dramatically quit (Sun Aquarius, the rebel!) and Ore Oduba can’t stop crying.

So who’s your money on? As a Scorpio myself, I’m hoping for a double dose of Scorpio. I’ll be very happy if either Ore & Joanne or Claudia & AJ, the Scorpio duos, triumph.


8 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 2016: The Scorpio Show”

  1. Hi – very interesting article – and I wondered if you’d noticed/ looked into the fact that Ore and Greg were born on the same day (just turned 30).
    Some natal chart investigation required?! :o)

    1. Yes, interesting isn’t it. I would want to find out their times of birth to see the differences between the two charts. Thanks, Naomi.

  2. As positive scorpios are renowned for being artistic, competitive, creative and spectacular, could the abundance of them be the main reason why the standard of dancing was so high in this year’s Strictly?
    If so, is this a potential future winning recipe for successful Strictly shows in future years?
    In addition, if they run out of scorpio celebrities, as pisces and cancer are also the fellow water signs to scorpio, could more pisces and cancer celebrities and professional dancers further the future success in a similar way too?

    1. hi Mark, Scorpios are certainly competitive and will tackle any new challenge to the best of the ability. In recent years, earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, have also done well. Strictly may look glamorous but it takes a lot of repetitive hard work to excel, something earth signs do well at. You certainly need grit and determination to win the Strictly title. Interesting that it’s often the more ‘introvert’ signs, earth and water elements, that do well. A lot of the performance goes on behind the scenes.

    1. Absolutely – Debbie & Gemma – and a Sun Libra won this year – Joe. Ruled by Venus, Sun Libra often loves to dance and Joe charmed his way to the top. A great partnership with Sun Taurus Katya – likeable and amazing artistry the whole way through.

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