Strictly Come Dancing Astrology Special

Disco dancersI love love love Strictly Come Dancing and over the last 10 years it has become a firm favourite in our household. Tonight’s show is extra special as it’s filmed from the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

This excites me so much because Blackpool is my home town. When I was a teenager, our Saturday nights out would often start in the Tower Ballroom with a drink at the traditional ‘tea dance’ with the oldies before we headed out on the town. Discos & clubbing graduated to lambada & salsa when I lived in London and I have spent many hours of my life grooving, dancing, letting it all hang out.

These days most of my dancing takes place in the kitchen with my daughter sighing ‘oh Mum…’ but I still like to think I would flourish when, with my vivid imagination, I’m asked to join the cast of Strictly. And the frocks… gorgeous.

So this week I’ve been taking a look at the Strictly stars and their respective Star signs (also called Sun signs) to see whether a pattern emerges. And it does. And who would have guessed the result… It’s the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn, that have won the coveted Glitter Ball more times than any other. Here’s the list of previous winners starting in 2004 when there were two shows, one in the spring and one in the autumn:

Previous Winners

Natasha Kaplinsky 2004 (Virgo); Jill Halfpenny 2004 (Cancer); Darren Gough 2005 (Virgo); Mark Ramprakash 2006 (Virgo); Alesha Dixon 2007 (Libra); Tom Chambers 2008 (Gemini); Chris Hollins 2009 (Pisces); Kara Tointon 2010 (Leo); Harry Judd 2011 (Capricorn); Louis Smith 2012 (Taurus); Abbey Clancy 2013 (Capricorn).

So there you have it; 6 earth sign winners (Natasha, Darren, Mark, Harry, Louis, Abbey), 2 water sign winners (Jill & Chris), 2 air sign winners (Alesha & Tom) and 1 fire sign winner (Kara).

It makes sense when you think that for all the glitz, glamour and pizzazz which would surely favour the fire signs, if you are going to dance amazingly you need to work hard, put in hours and hours of practice and have an eye for precision and technique and that’s where the earth signs excel.

This Year’s Couples

This year backs up this theory and out of the 9 celebrities still in the competition 5 of them are earth signs, 3 of them are water signs, 1 fire sign and 0 air signs. Plus out of the 9 professional dancers, there are 5 earth signs, 2 water signs, 2 air signs and 0 fire signs. Here’s the full list of couples in alphabetical order with the celebrity named first:

  1. Caroline Flack (Scorpio) & Pasha Kovalev (Capricorn)
  2. Frankie Bridge (Capricorn) & Kevin Clifton (Libra)
  3. Jake Wood (Cancer) & Janette Manrara (Scorpio)
  4. Judy Murray (Virgo) & Anton du Beke (Cancer)
  5. Mark Wright (Capricorn) & Karen Hauer (Taurus)
  6. Pixie Lott (Capricorn) & Trent Whiddon (Virgo)
  7.  Simon Webbe (Aries) & Kristina Rihanoff (Virgo)
  8. Steve Backshall (Taurus) & Ola Jordan (Libra)
  9. Sunetra Sarker (Cancer) & Brendan Cole (Taurus)

Star Sign Harmony

Does the star sign combination of the couples make a difference to who wins? Yes, it does which isn’t surprising. These couples spend hours together for months at a time and it’s got to help if they have a harmonious relationship and can work together easily. An easy relationship is when the star sign of couples is in the same element or a sextile combination, so earth & water; fire & air.

The last four winning couples had one of these combinations: Kara (Leo) & Artem (Gemini) – fire & air; Harry (Capricorn) & Aliona (Taurus) – both earth; Louis (Taurus) & Flavia (Pisces) – earth & water; Abbey (Capricorn) & Aljaz (Pisces) – earth & water.

Even the presenters are a perfect earth sign combination; Tess Daly (Taurus) & Claudia Winkelman (Capricorn). I hope Claudia returns to the show soon as I love her to bits and I miss her quirky sense of humour. Zoe Ball, (Sagittarius), is brilliant, but for me she excels hosting her own TV programme, Strictly: It Takes Two.

Who Will Win Strictly 2014?

So based on these criteria, i.e. an earth sign celebrity plus a harmonious star sign combination with their partner, who are going to be the top 3 couples to reach the final in 2014. They are:

  1. Pixie (Capricorn) & Trent (Virgo) – both earth
  2. Mark (Capricorn) & Karen (Taurus) – both earth
  3. Judy (Virgo) & Anton (Cancer) – earth & water

Can Judy Murray really make the final?!!! I doubt it somehow as she’s not a natural dancer but the other two couples have to be hot contenders. I’m voting team Trixie (Pixie & Trent) as I think they are the most adorable couple together but as you can see if you look at the list of couples above, there are some gorgeous star sign combinations still in the running.

OK, I’m off to polish my dancing shoes, brush up on my steps and find something very sparkly to wear just incase someone drops out tonight. If you’re wondering who my ideal partner would be, I’m a Scorpio so it would have to be Anton (Cancer) or for a feisty partnership, Brendan (Taurus). Enjoy the show!

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The 12 Star Signs by Element:

  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


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