Solar Eclipse Virgo: Confused Or What?

maze-511154_1920A solar eclipse is effectively New Moon energy, a chance to start over, to initiate action and right now we’re heading for a major eclipse, exact on September 1st 2016 [10:03 GMT +1]. Yet with all eclipses there’s often a theme of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. What are you prepared to let go of, where are life’s changes happening fast?

This eclipse takes place in the sign of Virgo and usually this would be a time of efficiency, getting organised, sorting yourself out ready to go back to work or school after the summer break. Virgo rules work and health and it’s these areas where change is likely, ready or not.

Yet this is no normal eclipse thanks to other planetary factors adding a different take on dynamic eclipse activity. Wondering what to write about this eclipse, I’ve found myself going round in circles, finding it hard to get a grip on the symbolism and what it means, how to put it into words.

Mercury’s In Retreat

This isn’t surprising if you consider that this eclipse takes place two days after communication planet Mercury turned retrograde, i.e. began to retreat through the zodiac. This is significant because Mercury is the planet which rules the eclipse sign of Virgo.

So even though you might like to think you’re in control, you’re getting ready for what’s next, you’re paying attention to everyday details, life could have other plans for you. In fact, this week’s astrology feels more like set routines unravelling, having to do things differently, needing to be flexible.

Saturn Square Neptune

There are two other planets heavily involved in the eclipse pattern this week. The solar eclipse falls at 9 Virgo 21 and Neptune is currently at 10 Pisces 39 and opposes both the Sun and Moon. Neptune by opposition adds to the confusing picture. You can’t see things clearly when Neptune is prominent, life twists and turns, you lose your way, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s fact and fantasy.

The planet which completes a powerful T-square in the heavens during the eclipse is Saturn at 10 Sagittarius 04. Saturn is square to both the Sun and Neptune so this adds another factor. Who or what is holding you back? Where are you facing limitation? Where are you up against authority? Why are you down in the dumps? What’s real and what’s unreal?

The Road Less Travelled

All in all, this adds up to a confused picture and trying to find your way forward and know the best thing to do will be harder than usual. If ever there was a time, when you need to go with the flow and take the road less travelled, it’s now. Wherever you’re being halted and whenever you’re unsure, take a step back. If you’re lost in the details, reach for a wider perspective.

This is a week when you might feel like diving in deep to a creative or spiritual source or pool and this would be one way to make the most of this week’s astrology. Find an alternative path, take a diversion, turn left instead of right, shake up your routine. This is fine as long as you don’t expect concrete results immediately. See what emerges instead and how this changes your way of perceiving the world.

Moving Slowly

You need to see your life differently now so you can start to decide what stays, what goes; what’s of use, what’s no longer needed; where you can channel your energy most effectively. Yet there’s no rush and, in fact, you’re wise to see this as a three week period where you’re seeking, trying out new routines, finding your way. If you try and put things in place now, this could be for all the wrong reasons or you find that what you want to do gets altered anyway.

In two weeks time there’ll be a Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac perhaps bringing more change, new developments. In three weeks time, Mercury turns direct in Virgo. Then you will be able to move forward with confidence, to see a clear path ahead with all the relevant information at your fingertips.

The Maze of Life

For now, know that this is a hyper-sensitive period in the heavens, a time of flux, when you might be lost in the maze and haven’t yet found the centre where other people are gathered or the exit, the way out.

If it scares you to drift with no sense of direction, plant your feet firmly on the ground and take one day at a time. If you enjoy soaring hither and thither, cast off your anchor and see where life leads when you can’t take your usual path.

Normal procedure will be resumed in the near future but for a while at least there’s little sense trying to do things the way you always have. Move away from the norm and trust that there’s a higher purpose for what’s currently happening on a day-to-day basis. More answers will be revealed but not just yet.

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