Solar Eclipse In Pisces: Flushed Away

Flushed Away: Solar Eclipse PiscesTomorrow’s Solar Eclipse, Friday 20th March 2015. is generating a huge amount of interest where I live here in the UK and last night’s TV brought us Stargazing Live as we build up to the big event.

Even CBeebies (a children’s TV channel) is getting in on the act with Stargazing for kids, although through their big shiny telescope they could see the Clangers on the Moon [a jump back in time for some of us 🙂 ].

This eclipse falls at 29 Pisces 27 and as there are 30 degrees in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, this is the last degree of the zodiac.

Pisces is the 12th sign and it’s said to contain a little bit of all the other 12 signs within it; a receptacle for wisdom, secrets of the universe, the whole of life or a cosmic toilet/dustbin? Take your pick but all are valid and/or necessary.

Endings & Beginnings

So we have a Solar Eclipse and eclipses represent endings and a Solar Eclipse is also a New Moon and New Moons symbolize new beginnings. This eclipse falls at the last degree of the zodiac which suggests endings and it’s the first in a new cycle of eclipses falling across the Virgo/Pisces axis which lasts until February 2017. On the same day as the Eclipse both the Moon and Sun move into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, heralding the Spring Equinox, which is the ideal time to set your intentions and make a fresh start.

Endings and beginnings, you get the picture. It’s clear, it’s obvious, it’s potentially epic. A ‘system reboot’ as another astrologer wrote this week. You clear out, sweep away, let go, switch off to allow room and space for something new and fresh to come in.

Eclipse Watching

This is made even more exciting by the fact that many people in northern latitudes have a chance of witnessing this eclipse when the shadow of the Moon moves in front of the Sun and ‘eclipses’ it. Day turns to night; sun-seeking flowers begin to close; birds fall silent and prepare to roost.

In ancient times, you can imagine that such an event was not only awe-inspiring but terrifying. People must have thought that the world was coming to an end. In our modern age, knowledge has taught us differently and many of us will gaze in wonder at the majesty and awesomeness of nature.

The exact time of the eclipse is 09:36 GMT and it’s likely that the Moon will begin to cover the Sun an hour beforehand. In London, there will be 84% shadow, i.e. it’s a partial eclipse rather than a total eclipse, and the further north you travel, the better your chance of seeing a more spectacular show. If you’re in Scotland and the cloud breaks, don your eclipse glasses immediately.

Eclipse Advice

Tradition states that you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before making a big decision or taking action. This is because an eclipse often brings what’s hidden to light. Meditate on the eclipse, be still, listen to your inner guidance. Notice your feelings and emotions, this is Pisces’ realm. What’s foreground, significant; what’s hidden, in the shadows? Trust whatever’s bubbling away and set your intentions.

Star Sign Guidance

Here’s a quick guide to which area of your life is in the eclipse zone. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: Retreat, quiet time, seclusion, service to others, introspection 

Taurus: Friends, groups, social networks, social concerns, hopes & wishes

Gemini: Career, vocation, status, your role in the public eye

Cancer: Travel, education, learning, your philosopy of life

Leo: Joint finances, sex, life’s mysteries

Virgo: Relationships, your 1-to-1’s both personal & professional

Libra: Health, work, your everyday lifestyle & routine

Scorpio: Children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs, luck

Sagittarius: Home, family, your past, where you come from

Capricorn: Communication, siblings, neighbours, your local community

Aquarius: Money, resources, your personal values

Pisces: Self, image, name, your identity

Toilets & Symbolism & Stuff

Pisces is one of the water signs and there is a ‘watery’ theme in this article plus ‘water’ symbolism is currently playing out in my own life. My mobile phone went through the washing machine (by accident!) last week and I was without a phone for 7 days. A friend who thinks symbolically asked whether I was finding it hard to talk about emotional or sensitive topics. Hmm…

Then my other half managed to break our toilet fitting a new toilet seat so we currently have no flush on our toilet and are using the old-fashioned ‘bucket’ method until a replacement toilet arrives. If we can’t use the flush, what are we unable to flush away in our own lives? I find this such interesting symbolism in light of this powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces (apologies, Pisces, for suggesting the phrase ‘cosmic toilet’ for your sign but it’s meant in the nicest possible way).

This reminded me of the children’s movie Flushed Away which I watched with my daughter and loved. There’s a whole new and exciting world ‘down the toilet’ full of people & adventure & action & gritty drama & love which is in total contrast to the lonely, clinical, privileged life above. All Roddy has to do is jump down the toilet (or be pushed…).

I might be taking this symbolism malarkey a tad too far here but hey, sometimes we need to ‘flush out’ our lives, give it a shake up, take risks, try something different. Listen to the message of the eclipse, let things settle and jump on in.

Wear a different hat next week (literally), try out a new activity, be wild & outrageous, do something you’ve never done before, be kind to strangers, be daring, be bold. We are on the threshold of something new and exciting. Are you ready?

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