Solar Eclipse Cancer: Security Issues

solar eclipse

SOLAR ECLIPSE [20 Cancer 41] –

Friday 13th July 2018 (03:48 GMT +1)

This summer (winter down under) sees three eclipses back-to-back starting this week and ending mid-August. The next two eclipses continue the Leo/Aquarius cycle, but there is a new eclipse cycle beginning this week cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac.

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite star signs which represent home and family, work and the establishment, your connection to the past, your traditions and heritage. They are the foundations of the zodiac.

The last two Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycles were in 2000/2001 and 1981/1982, if you can remember back that far. If you have a strong Cancer/Capricorn influence in your birth chart, you probably can.

There may be similar themes which unfold during this new eclipse cycle that played out during the previous eclipse cycles. History repeats itself and yet no astrological pattern is ever exactly the same. Here’s the data for the next set of eclipses. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon phase; a Lunar Eclipse a Full Moon phase:

  • Solar Eclipse [20 Cancer 41] – July 13 2018
  • Solar Eclipse [15 Capricorn 25] – January 6 2019
  • Solar Eclipse [10 Cancer 38] – July 2 2019
  • Lunar Eclipse [24 Capricorn 04] – July 16 2019
  • Solar Eclipse [4 Capricorn 07] – December 26 2019
  • Lunar Eclipse [20 Cancer 00] – January 10 2020 
  • Solar Eclipse [0 Cancer 21] – June 21 2020
  • Lunar Eclipse [13 Capricorn 38] – July 5 2020

What’s unique about the current Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle is the dominance of planets currently moving through Capricorn. Pluto’s firmly established in the sign of the establishment – breaking things down. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, recently joined the party – shoring things up again, bringing new rules. Plus, in December 2019, both planets will be joined by Jupiter – adding a twist of liberty and justice to the mix.

Eclipses are associated with change and the word ‘eclipse’ means to block out the light, to obscure. There’s often a shadowy or hidden theme which is why astrologers suggest you wait a few days after an eclipse before making a major decision or taking action. Sometimes, you don’t notice whethere there’s been an eclipse effect in your life until further down the line. Other times, it’s glaringly obvious.

True, some people are more sensitive to eclipses than others, especially if you’re born on or near to an eclipse date. The nature of an eclipse also depends on where in your birth chart it falls and what planets or angles the eclipse highlights. Personally, I use a 2 degree orb for exactitude. Also, some people are oblivious to eclipses, as if you’re hidden from them.

Pluto’s Laser Focus

What’s obvious about this eclipse is that the Sun and Moon in Cancer are opposed by Pluto, God of invisibility, at 20 degrees Capricorn (see chart below). Pluto is currently in retreat but still, there may be issues around your identity (Sun) or your security (Moon). The theme of families (Cancer) being separated (Pluto) is already headline news.

To attempt to put a positive spin on this combination, Pluto is often about finality and endings and Pluto’s strength is laser focus and a New Moon is perfect for setting intentions or taking the initiative.

There may be a current issue in your life where it would help to harness your staying power: giving up a bad habit, leaving the past behind or moving away from a toxic relationship, for example. When Pluto slams the door shut, there’s no going back.

Plus, note the Grand Water Trine is still active with Jupiter at 13 Scorpio and Neptune at 16 Pisces, making positive planetary aspects to the New Moon at 20 Cancer. This adds inspiration, expansive feelings, hope and faith to the eclipse symbolism. What are you washing clean or letting go of? Who are you welcoming into your home, either personally or nationally?

Also, this will be a partial eclipse, i.e. it will look as if someone has taken a bite out of the Sun (see photo above) and the karmic nodes haven’t yet moved into Cancer/Capricorn. They do so in November 2018.

So think of this eclipse as a preparation, notice where you’re ready for change and what needs to be addressed in your life, especially in the areas of home and family, past and heritage, security and identity.

In brief, here are the areas of life that this new set of eclipses highlight in your solar chart. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign for the complete picture:

Aries/Libra: 4th/10th houses – your home & family, where you come from, your security; your career & vocation, where you’re heading in life.

Taurus/Scorpio: 3rd/9th houses – your education, neighbours & siblings, the way you communicate; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, what gives your life meaning.

Gemini/Sagittarius: 2nd/8th houses – money, what you place value upon in your life; joint finances, your sexuality, rebirth & regeneration themes.

Cancer/Capricorn: 1st/7th houses – your image & profile, your personal goals; love & relationships, significant others, enemies & contracts.

Leo/Aquarius: 6th/12th houses – your health & work, service, what you sacrifice for others; retreat, quiet, solitude, self-care & caring for others.

Virgo/Pisces: 5th/11th houses – your children, love affairs, creativity, what you give birth to; your friends & groups, social & political issues.

Solar Eclipse Horoscope

The bewitched and bewitching Solar Eclipse.


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