Seven Things To Do When Mercury Is Retrograde

Mercury retrograde, lost & foundThe planet of communication, Mercury, is retrograde from August 30th until September 22nd 2016, i.e. it’s moving back through the zodiac. This often coincides with communication chaos when the messenger of the Gods, fleet-footed Mercury takes a break and hangs up his winged sandals.

Post goes missing, technology breaks down, dates get muddled, mishaps, slip-ups and general misunderstandings occur. Plans can unravel when Mercury turns retrograde and you end up having to wait on information and other people. Clarity goes for a walk on its own.

Yet you can survive and even thrive when the planet of communication is on go slow and this time around Mercury is in its sign of rulership as it retraces its steps. Mercury turns retrograde on August 30th at 29 Virgo and direct on September 22nd at 14 Virgo.

Here are 7 things to do whilst Mercury is in retreat in the earth sign Virgo:

  1. Read a Good Book When any planet is retrograde, its energy turns inward rather than outward. It’s not the best time for taking action or making big decisions and inner work is recommended. A lovely way to slow down the pace and relax, to escape the busy-ness of life is to bury your nose in a good book. Line up some top reads for the month ahead.
  2. Keep A Journal Virgo is the sign of the writer and writing on a daily basis can help you tap into your creative source. Whether it works for you to rise early and pen some morning pages or you prefer to take time out in the middle of the day, keep a journal. This will also help if you feel confused emotionally by getting your feelings out on the page.
  3. Reorganise Your Office Virgo is the sign which rules administration and when Mercury is in Virgo, order reigns. Yet with Mercury in retreat, it’s even more important to pay attention to detail, to know where things are, to have a system. Therefore this is a positive period to reorganise your office, sort out paperwork so you have important pieces of information close to hand. Use visual tools to help you. Note to self: don’t throw out important correspondence you might need at a later date.
  4. Adopt A New Habit Earth signs like Virgo understand the benefits of regular practise and it often takes time for a new habit to take hold. Whilst Mercury’s in retreat, where would your life benefit from doing one extra activity day in, day out? This might be linked to health and your body, Virgo’s domain, or a craft or skill. Adopting a new habit will help you feel as if you’re making progress which is especially important when Mercury’s on go slow. Catch up on sleep too.
  5. Retake Qualifications This is pertinent to anyone who’s taken annual exams recently but didn’t get their chosen grades. Virgo is a sign linked to study which done well becomes a regular habit. Little and often is the recommended way to learn information rather than long drawn-out sleepless nights of study. Use this period of inner work to focus on study on a daily basis so you can retake qualifications or put your knowledge to good use once Mercury turns direct.
  6. Reprogram Your Mind Mercury is the planet which rules the mind so find a way to restructure or reprogram your mind whilst Mercury retraces its steps. Whether you want to unlearn automatic behaviour patterns, gain more control over your thoughts and feelings or you simply want to understand the workings of your mind, here’s your opportunity. Make navel-gazing a constructive activity rather than wallow in self-defeating thoughts.
  7. Choose Your Words Carefully Mercury won’t rush into anything whilst in Virgo and especially on go-slow, this is the time to choose your words carefully. What you say will have consequences and if in doubt, take your time and count to 10 before leaping in. Now’s the time to respond gently to life rather than react instinctively. Keep your options open, be flexible and notice how your actions impact other peoples’ lives. You might not be a perfect role model but you can still choose to respond with compassion to anger, intolerance, hate.

So there you go, 7 ways to help you keep sane/be in control/flourish even whilst Mercury’s retrograde in the mutable sign of Virgo. Other people might not know that Mercury’s retrograde now but you do. Normal service will be resumed in three weeks time.

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