Scorpio Your Year Ahead 2016

Scorpio, 2016Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner Sun Scorpio (b. October 28 1949)

Former Olympic athlete, father to 6 children, member of the Kardashian clan

underwent gender transition in 2015

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Mars is in adventurous mode for the majority of the year. You’re ready to mount your charger, push your personal goals forward and make a stand for what you believe in.

Yet timing is the key to your success and when Mars is retrograde from mid-April to late June, you’re champing at the bit keen to leap ahead but having to show patience. Being too hasty in life is playing a risky game.

Money matters require attention and you can’t splash the cash if you want to build strong foundations for your future. A disciplined approach to money management teaches you good lessons in delaying gratification and you can pass on what you learn to the ones you love. A home move or property deal proves lucrative.

This is not the year to go it alone at least until September when a growing network of friends or colleagues enhances your chances of success. Some friendships are shifting as you grow and develop on a personal level. Meeting people of like minds helps you see who’s on your side and who’s against you but money and friendship is a shaky playing field.

As the year comes to a close you’re less interested in chasing after big goals and more trusting in a slower pace of life. Less stress, more peace & harmony. Love too can develop a strong bond as long as you’re prepared to take turns in being the boss. Prioritise romance and nurture a romantic outlook on life.

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