Scorpio Your Year Ahead 2017

Scorpio 2017Every year I write a popular and comprehensive annual eBook which is your guide to the year ahead.

It includes horoscopes for each of the 12 star signs and an extensive overview of the year’s astrology.

It’s a must-have read and will help you plan ahead and get ahead in 2017.

Below is a summary of what’s in store for Scorpio. If you would like to purchase the eBook, click here: 2017 Horoscopes eBook and instantly download your copy today. Only £10 for all 12 star signs.

Scorpio – 2017

2017 is about tying up loose ends to prepare yourself for a momentous move later in the year. There’s work to be done on an inner level and it’s important to take the time to reassess where you’re heading and why.

There might be frustrations if you’re playing a waiting game or you have to be patient while you heal, either emotionally or physically. It’s important to take good care of yourself and to eliminate stress from your life as much as possible.

You won’t find it easy if you have to hand over power to someone else but this situation won’t last. The same goes if someone tries to control you especially at work or in a specific role. You need to be free to do your own thing and a freelance or online business ticks all the right boxes.

It helps to keep your finances stable and to keep working towards your long-term money goals. A steady approach to money allows you time to pursue other activities and to survive any sudden changes with regard to your job or career.

October is the stand-out month when your world opens up before you and new opportunities abound. This is what you’ve been working towards, the chance to make a name for yourself and/or make a difference in the world.


Want to read more? Click here: 2017 Horoscopes eBook and instantly download your copy today.

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