Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Power Surge

solar eclipse

SOLAR ECLIPSE [2 Scorpio 00] 

October 25, 2022 (10:49 GMT)

This coming week, there’s the first of two eclipses, a Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2° Scorpio. It will be followed two weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse on November 8th at 16° Taurus.

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon eclipse and a symbol of a powerful new beginning. However, eclipse beginnings often stem from an ending or a door closing. 

This Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle began in November 2021. We’re currently halfway through as it completes next year in October 2023. This is the only Solar Eclipse in Scorpio during this cycle.

World Events

Eclipses have always played a powerful role in the lives of the royals and leaders. In ancient times, an eclipse was seen as an omen for a change of leadership when rulers would rise or fall.

Here in the UK, this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle has seen the death of Queen Elizabeth – Sun Taurus – and a new King Charles – Sun Scorpio.

Right now in the UK, our government is in chaos as we’ve lost one Prime Minister after only 45 days in office and there’s a messy fight for a new Prime Minister. The announcement of the new PM will come on October 28th, only three days after this powerful Solar Eclipse.

(n.b. it’s been announced that Rishi Sunak will be announced as our new PM. This took place on October 24th and close to this eclipse. He’s a Sun Taurus so this eclipse season is powerful for him).

Eclipse Lore

Astrology can help guide us and reveal more about world events, what’s happening within the collective. Yet, eclipses are powerful on a personal level, a reminder that every individual’s life on this earth is important. 

If this eclipse falls close to a planet or angle in your birth chart, you too may be stepping into a position of power. Or, one door must close in your life, perhaps to regain your power or hand over control.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is about food & production, elimination & regeneration. It’s money & power too. Use a tight orb for these eclipses – maximum 2° degrees.

This is a partial eclipse that will be visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and western parts of Asia. It’s not as stunning as a total eclipse & do remember not to look directly at the Sun.

Other Factors

The Sun & Venus, the planet linked to love & money, have been side-by-side in the zodiac for some time. Their cazimi moment came on Saturday 22nd October as they met at 29° Libra. One of Venus’ two signs of rulership is Libra, the star sign linked to relating.

Yet, the Sun & Venus have moved into Scorpio together, traditionally Venus’ sign of detriment. During this powerful Solar Eclipse, Venus sits tightly alongside the Sun & Moon, also at 2° Scorpio.

This combination feels passionate, intense & obsessive. Scorpio’s a star sign with laser focus ruled by two powerful planets Mars (action) & Pluto (power).

It’s not a time to act weak or be powerless off possible. Tap into your instincts, your emotions, the witchy, dark side of life. Consider your inner motivations, the unconscious realm. What’s calling you? Who or what are you being drawn towards?

During an eclipse, you always consider the nodes, the karmic points in astrology. The south node is currently in Scorpio and this is about ‘throwing out the shit’. Scorpio is the star sign linked to detoxing, destruction, decluttering & generally getting rid.

The south node is currently at 13° Scorpio and in a wide conjunction to the Sun, Moon & Venus during the Solar Eclipse. This feels more like a power surge eclipse than a letting go. Or, perhaps a bit of both as it falls in Scorpio, the star sign linked to waste products.

It’s important to note that Mars is the traditional ruler of this eclipse currently in air sign Gemini and slowing down in the zodiac. On October 30th, twixt’ eclipses, Mars will switch direction and turns retrograde.

This is a sneaky Mars in the sign of duality, Gemini. It adds to the shadowy theme of these Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. Therefore, tread thoughtfully & carefully over the next couple of weeks. Eclipses often coincide with the unexpected – best be prepared.

Where The Eclipse Falls

Here’s a quick guide – read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Scorpio – personal transformation, image, identity & goals
  • Sagittarius – your inner world, personal issues, fears & phobias
  • Capricorn – your friends, groups & wider society, your hopes & wishes
  • Aquarius– career & status, your future path, power & control
  • Pisces – travel, study & education, where you find meaning & purpose in life
  • Aries – joint finances, sexuality, taboo issues
  • Taurus – love & relationships, contracts, your enemies
  • Gemini – work & health, volunteering, how you can be of service to others
  • Cancer – what you give birth to i.e. children, romance, creative projects
  • Leo – home & family, your past & where you come from
  • Virgo – your community, siblings, how you communicate
  • Libra – money & assets, self-worth, your values

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2 thoughts on “Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Power Surge”

  1. Older and wiser

    This solar eclipse is all over my chart. Within half a degree of descendant, Venus even closer.

    Transiting Mars, Jupiter, Pluto all less than 10 minutes from aspects.

    Chiron return happening and it also making a square to MC-IC.

    Mean nodes squaring themselves later in week with transiting Saturn and Uranus also 3-4 degrees off major aspects.

    Only transiting Neptune and Mercury do nothing.

    Yet life just seems to go on as normal.

    1. It’s hard to say more about the astrology without seeing the whole of your birth chart. I’ve already seen an amazing showing for this eclipse in my life but it’s not one I could have predicted. That’s the beauty of astrology – it helps you make sense of things in relation to what’s happening in the greater universe. I love it! Maybe something will emerge moving forward – or perhaps things remain hidden. It is Scorpio season after all!

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