Scorpio Season Arrives With A Bang

Legs of a tango dancerThe above title can be read in two ways. Please, do so. Both are relevant!

Scorpio is the sign that’s most closely associated with sex. Astrologically there are two reasons for this related to Scorpio’s ruling planets.

Scorpio is one of three signs in the zodiac that are ruled by two planets. Traditionally, Scorpio’s ruler is Mars, the planet of passion and libido, and in mythology Mars was a lusty hero.

When Pluto was discovered in 1930, this planet was also linked to Scorpio’s realm. Pluto was God of the Underworld and Scorpio rules darkness and death, all things hidden. Plus sex is considered a taboo. [Any Scorpio would say that sex is a natural process, life-giving and life-enhancing; good for you and a vital part of human evolution.]

The Sun enters Scorpio this Thursday 23rd October [12:57 BST] where it remains until November 22nd. It’s no surprise that Scorpio’s season includes Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Spooks, ghouls and witchiness are part and parcel of Scorpio’s territory.

This year, however, it’s not only the Sun which enters Scorpio on 23rd October but the Sun is joined by Venus entering Scorpio [21:52 BST] and the Moon entering Scorpio [22:10 BST] also on 23rd October. This means that the New Moon in Scorpio falls on 23rd October [22:57] and this time around it’s a powerful Solar Eclipse.

This is a whoosh of Scorpio energy and from the gentle wafts of Libra we are into super Scorpio season in full force. Be ready for your passions to be stirred and reach down into the depths for laser insights and understanding.

Dress in black, wear dark shades, have sex, learn to tango, step up in life, nail your colours to the mast, commit, refuse to quit. Venus in Scorpio and a New Moon in Scorpio are a red-hot energy and raring to go. How will you embrace Scorpio season?


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