Scorpio November 2020

Scorpio Season

This is Scorpio season and your star sign is the main focus of attention throughout November. The Sun is here until the 21st, talk planet Mercury returns to Scorpio on the 10th and love planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st.

While the Sun is in your star sign, the emphasis is on you, your personal goals and aims. It’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate who you are, take good care of yourself and prioritise your well-being.

Scorpio’s strengths are laser focus, determination, insight & power. Use Scorpio season to focus your attention and go in deep. You may be analysing your self or other people. You may be involved in an intense period of research or study.

Alternatively, you might be interested in healing or transformation, again for yourself or with regard to other people. Whatever you’re involved in, here’s your opportunity to give yourself 100%.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th to start over in some way, to launch a project or begin something new that improves your life.

Turning Points

Also, this month, there are a sequence of turning points. They begin on the 3rd, when Mercury turns direct in Libra, the star sign before yours. This could be a time when news or information comes to light that’s a revelation. This may be about a relationship, as Libra is the relating star sign.

Love planet Venus is also in Libra until the 21st. This is a reminder to love yourself first. Do the inner work and then you can make the most of Venus gracing your star sign Scorpio from the 21st onwards. This is often a period when you experience more love in your life as Venus is your partner planet.

The next turning point involves Mars, your ruling planet. Mars has been retrograde or on go slow since September 9th and this can be tricky for you.

It can be a time when you feel frustrated or held back in some way. Sometimes, you can be in a situation where you’re not in charge and this creates problems for you.

Mars turning direct on the 14th could coincide with a whoosh of energy. Mars is in Aries ruling your health, your work and routine. An ideal time to get fit, apply for a job or do whatever’s required for you to feel tip-top.

As this is one day before the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th, circle these dates in your diary. There could be a unique opportunity to get back on track with your goals. Life could conspire to help you feel you’re moving forwards once again and heading in the right direction.


During this power-packed period, there’s a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 12th. This is significant for you as Pluto is your co-ruler. These two power-house planets met on April 5th & June 30th and this is their third and final encounter.

The theme is power, speaking your mind, becoming an orator or presenter, speaking up. Capricorn is your communication sector so use your voice to make a difference.

It’s a powerful symbol for being of service to others in your community or your neighbourhood and a sign to step in to your power.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally this month, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th cutting across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the zodiac.

This is your financial axis and this is where there’s likely to be significant change in your life. This eclipse cycle began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

Eclipses often feel like a roller-coaster ride. They can coincide with the unexpected but they represent highs as well as lows. One thing’s for sure – life’s unlikely to remain stable in this area of your life. Ensure you’re ready.

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