Scorpio New Moon: A Fresh Start

New Moon, boat on sea

New Moon [15 Scorpio 11]

– November 7, 2018 (16:02 GMT)

The New Moon is imminent and it’s a New Moon packed full with intensity as it falls in deep & passionate Scorpio.

This is the depth sign and change takes place at a deep level. Scorpio evokes themes of regeneration, seeking out hidden riches, secrets emerging. This is the arena of hidden knowledge so go in deep, wait in silence, listen, be, experience the void.

When you wipe the slate clean, you can start over. When you let go of toxins, purge, empty out, you make space in your life for new commitment and intensity. This is Scorpio power at it best; the ability to let go of what’s no longer needed so you can channel your energy and purpose with laser focus.

New Moon Power

Plus, this New Moon falls between two major planetary shifts as Uranus (change) moves back into Aries on November 6th and Jupiter (opportunity) moves forward into Sagittarius on November 8th. Fast and furious fire sign energy dominates now but use the New Moon energy to find stillness amidst the winds of change.

What will you commit to at this passionate and intense New Moon? Where will you focus your ambition, your intent, your power?

New Moons are ripe with potential as they symbolise the start of a new lunar cycle. Make your wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the sky over the next couple of days and hone in on what’s deeply important for you right now.

Here’s a quick reminder of the areas of your life under focus.

Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant for a complete guide:

Aries – shared finances & all things taboo
Taurus – love & relationships
Gemini – job & health
Cancer – new birth i.e. kids, love, creative project
Leo – home & family
Virgo – communication & ideas
Libra – money & values
Scorpio – personal goals, image & profile
Sagittarius – retreat, secrets & personal issues
Capricorn – friends & wider society
Aquarius – career & status
Pisces – travel, study & deeper meaning

Happy New Moon!

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