Scorpio Monthly Stars September 2014

Scorpio.Zeeshan A KhanScorpio (24 October-21 November)

Your ruling planet Mars remains in Scorpio for the first two weeks of September although it’s not interacting with other planets. More importantly though, Mars is moving away from Saturn where it was dragged down over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (August 23rd-25th).

If life was tense, full on or heavy, things should now begin to ease as you can take charge and decide what next. There’s a sense that you’re rolling forward again and picking up speed rather than being impeded or held back.

This is an important month for you and one where you’re likely to be fully engaged with your inner process. If you’re a typical Scorpio, you’re a deep thinker and you leave no stone unturned when you’re thinking things through or making a decision. Of course this can end up feeling intense and emotionally draining but nonetheless it’s often your normal modus operandi, i.e. the way you go about things.

As long as you see this as an important phase of preparation and a chance to clear the way for what lies ahead, then you’ll be fine. Mercury, the planet of communication, spends most of the month of September in the sign of Libra turning your attention inward.

You often benefit from some quiet time and a chance for solitude when there are planets hidden away in your chart and meditation or inner work is extremely useful to help you access your inner guide or voice. Why not make the most of this and have a digital or media detox or go away on your own for a weekend to breathe deep and remember who you are.

Mid-month there could be a repeat of an old problem or situation that keeps niggling away at you. This is because Mercury clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square on the 9th and 13th and you end up having a conversation that’s difficult or challenging, perhaps to do with your work or your health. Don’t be too hard on yourself mid-month and give yourself a break if you sense that you’re back at square one or unable to resolve an ongoing issue.

Sometimes it’s only by understanding or knowing what you don’t want or what makes you unhappy that you can discover what you do want and what you need to do to find happiness. In other words, it’s through the struggle or the things that go wrong that you see more clearly your way ahead as you’re nudged forward to instigate change in your own life.

If you are in a situation that you don’t know how to resolve, turn to your good friends for support and advice. Both the Sun and Venus spend the majority of the month in the earth sign Virgo ruling friendship in your chart and here’s your rock, your anchor and where you can go for some down-to-earth insights and good old common sense. The 3rd and 14th are especially useful for a grounding conversation. At its best your modern ruler Pluto is the alchemist who can turn lead into gold, i.e. transform your situation and seek out nuggets and hidden riches in the dark or dirt and Pluto is currently in your communication sector.

Other strong dates to connect with friends, groups or a network are the 11th and 21st when first the Sun and then Venus in Virgo are in helpful aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. This can help you understand who you really are through your interaction with others and from listening to the opinions or viewpoints of people you trust.

Venus is your partner planet so use the dates mentioned above with regard to aspects to Pluto and Saturn to improve your relationship and find some common ground. Sometimes a good old heart-to-heart is all that’s needed for you to feel as if you’re moving forward together rather than being on separate paths in life. If you’re looking for love, turn to your friends for an introduction and don’t be surprised if you slowly begin to realise that someone you’ve known for some time has all the qualities that you’re looking for in a partner.

The Full Moon is also revealing when it comes to love as on the 9th, the Full Moon cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart and Pisces rules romance and new love. For some, this is a fun or romantic Full Moon; for others, it’s a chance to heal and let go of past emotions. Either way, emotions are always heightened on the Full Moon.

The day after the Full Moon, there’s a Venus-Neptune opposition which can describe falling head over heels in love but also suggests it’s important to check the facts and keep one foot on the ground if your head is in the clouds. If you know someone’s your blind spot, don’t lose sight of reality and again use a good friend as a sounding board if you’re confused or in doubt about someone else’s true affections.

One area of your life that’s most definitely not confused is your vocation and where you’re heading. Jupiter at the top of your chart in vibrant Leo adds a go-for-it feel to your career and when Jupiter teams up with the maverick planet Uranus in Aries on the 25th, anything is possible when it comes to work and success. Look out for a new opportunity that opens up a different path, something unexpected but definitely exciting.

Your ruler Mars enters the third fire sign of Sagittarius on the 13th and is heading for an encounter with both Jupiter and Uranus early next month. This adds inspiration and enthusiasm to the mix and by walking the path less travelled, you’re more likely to attract not only success but potentially fame and fortune. As September comes to a close, be bold, take a well-calculated risk and success is not far behind.

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