Scorpio Monthly Stars September 2012

Scorpio Ukraine StampSeptember sees you hit the ground running and you’re back with a bang. Mars, your traditional ruling planet, is in Scorpio throughout September, and this is a powerful combination.

Mars in Scorpio gives you inner strength and the focus and determination to pursue your own ambitions and personal goals doggedly. It creates a go-get-‘em approach to life and the ability to charge in where angels fear to tread. Blast past procrastination, shun perfection and just do it.

On the 3rd, Mars teams up with Pluto, your modern ruling planet, so this is your two planets working together in harmony. Take note of the ideas you generate and what you want to change in your life as this combo is potentially transformative. Mercury is also involved in the mix in your friendship zone so it could be your involvement with a group of people that spurs you on to greatness. It really is quite a magical start to the month and hopefully you’re in tip top form, full of energy and raring to go.

Venus, the planet of good things in life, moves into Leo on the 6th and your career sector. Look out for a female boss or woman in authority who can help you, network and use your contacts well and be sociable within your work. It’s not just what you know but who you know as well that can create the change you desire. The 13th and 21st are promising dates if you’re looking for work or want to improve your career prospects.

A new business partnership can boost your finances substantially and with Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in Gemini and your joint finance sector until June 2013, this is a fantastic period to create new working alliances in your life. Think big, be bold and take risks.

The end of the month is more complex and things shift on or around the 18th/19th. This is when Pluto turns direct in the heavens and there’s the second Uranus/Pluto square. The first square took place at the end of June so think back to then and what happened for you personally. Uranus is in your work and routine zone and also rules your health, and Pluto’s in the part of your chart that rules communication and ideas.

It’s a rebellious combination but there’s always a chance with Pluto to take advantage of a difficult situation and like the phoenix rise from the ashes. If you lose a job on or around this time, perhaps it wasn’t right for you and it will lead to something bigger and better. Be philosophical about what’s happening and look at the bigger picture.

Being provocative and getting your message across comes with risks attached but being infamous can achieve amazing results. For you this is about doing what’s right and speaking up for the underdog. Being a Scorpio you’re a fighter and a survivor and you’re at your best when you channel your considerable power into a good cause that ultimately makes the world a better place.

When Pluto’s involved, you know there’s going to be a certain level of difficulty and you need to let go completely of a situation or person. Pluto’s about extremes, it’s an all or nothing energy. You close the door behind you and move on. End of…

This month’s stars are honing you for an important couple of years as next month Saturn moves into Scorpio where it remains for two years. There’s nothing light and fluffy about Saturn, this is the taskmaster of the heavens, after all, but hard work and determination reap rewards. A new project or chapter in life requires your full attention. It won’t always be easy but it will be incredibly rewarding if you stay the distance. Now’s not the time to hide your light under bushel but to face your challenges head on and bravely go where… You get the picture.

When it comes to love, you want your partner to be as powerful as you are and if you’re looking for love, you’ll find it through work or a career connection. For long-term relationships or a marriage, be a strong team and create a joint vision for your future. You will find it hard now if you’re the one who’s storming ahead and you feel that your partner’s being left behind.When Venus and Mars clash in the heavens on the 27th, here’s your chance to confront what’s not working.

It’s important to remember that any good relationship needs passion but without compassion, passion cannot grow and thrive. Make time for love in the midst of your busy schedule and work on your inner self too, especially in the second half of the month. Some quiet time and relaxation is in order as a balance to the energetic powerful feel of this month’s stars.

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