Scorpio Monthly Stars October 2014

Wall boardsScorpio (24 October – 21 November)

This is an intriguing month in many respects. There are two eclipses, a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th and a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd, plus Mercury is retrograde from the 4th-25th. Both eclipses and Mercury retrograde share a common theme in that things which are hidden come to light.

This may be a time when you’re discovering new insights about yourself and for one reason or another, you want to spend time on your own reading, learning, meditating and finding out who you really are. In fact, you could discover a real love of quiet time this month as both the Sun and Venus are in Libra, the sign before yours until the 23rd.

The Sun and Venus together are about doing what you love and there’s a soft and gentle quality about this combination especially in the kind and gracious sign of Libra. Secrets and confidences are part and parcel of this package and you may find yourself coming to terms with what you really want but in a slow way because you know it’s not only about you. Libra is the sign of relating so the decisions you make have a knock-on effect with other people in your life, those you live with, love with and work with.

Another planet joins the Sun and Venus in Libra on the 10th and this is Mercury retrograding back into the sign of relationships. This is more confusing and complex and it does suggest that at times this month you won’t be sure of your own feelings and again you may want to retreat rather than advance. Mercury retrograde is brilliant for going over the past and looking backwards instead of forwards for understanding or answers. People from your past may pop up this month and as lovely as this is, it leaves you feeling unsettled.

The best advice when Mercury is on go slow is to keep calm, to wait and be patient. There’s no point trying to rush any inner dilemma or even find the answer to a personal issue. Let life unfold slowly and see what you discover by listening quietly. One of my favourite quotes seems to fit for this month’s astrology: “You can hear all kinds of things if you just watch and listen; the world is always talking to you’.

As much as you’ll benefit from a slower pace of life now, this isn’t the case with regard to work and money matters. In fact, these areas of your life are buzzing with energy and changes or new opportunities come thick and fast in early October. Mars, your ruling planet, is in Sagittarius, the sign that rules money in your chart. Mars in Sagittarius is a go-getting energy, dynamic and expansive. This alone suggests you’re willing to take risks and adopt a gung-ho attitude to money and earning but add Jupiter (opportunity) and Uranus (change) to the mix and you’re flying high.

Mars is trine Uranus in Aries and your work sector on the 5th and three days later on the 8th Mars is trine Jupiter in Leo and your career sector. Uranus rules risks, Jupiter rules expansion and together this Grand fire trine in the heavens feels wonderfully optimistic, daring and bold. What’s more significant about this fire trine is that it’s setting you up for 2015 so think ahead and look at what comes your way as a year’s project. What can you do right now that will propel you into 2015 with vigour and style?

It’s interesting that this fire trine takes place almost exactly at the same time as the Lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart. To follow your dreams or fulfil your money and work potential, you may first need to close a door and let go of something that isn’t working in your life. Look after your well-being and develop a strong self-belief. Events will guide you although there may be shocks and surprises along the way. Trust that when life says No, it’s creating room for you to say Yes to a bigger dream.

The more work you can do now with regard to your confidence and self-belief, the more likely you are to be able to reach out to your vocation. True success starts from the inside-out and personal development goes hand in hand with your work or career progress.

The end of the month is also lively as the Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd falls in your sign of Scorpio at 0 degrees. This is the beginning of beginnings and an incredibly powerful destiny point in your year. This eclipse includes the planet Venus and the Sun, Venus and the Moon all enter your sign of Scorpio on the 23rd. This feels incredibly powerful so look out for an influential woman, a role model as both Venus and the Moon represent feminine principles.

Use your own feminine side too whatever your personal goal. Trust your intuition and your deep wisdom and knowing. For some this is about falling head over heels in love as Venus is the love Goddess and it adds a magnetic attraction to your sign. Plus on the 27th/28th, both the Sun and Venus make a glorious trine aspect to Neptune, the planet of romance, in Pisces. This feels dreamy and creative so tap into your romantic side and explore the depths of your soul.

There may be a chance to reconnect with someone special or to bond with someone new. It’s also about you however and it indicates that if you do the work this month, even if at times it’s painful, you’ll emerge stronger and wiser and more sure of your path ahead. One of the symbols associated with Scorpio is the phoenix who rises from the ashes and with such a powerful month in the heavens, it does feel as if you too are able to grow and develop into who you really are.

Come month’s end, you have some big decisions to make and it starts with letting go and knowing that you’re not prepared to put up with a burden or a hardship for much longer. Saturn is on his way out of your sign at the end of the year and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio right at the beginning of your sign is a clear indicator of the direction you’re being called in. Wait until a few days after the eclipse which takes place on the 23rd before you make your move.

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    1. Yup, we October Scorpios are all fastening seat belts. Roller-coaster ride on the way. Let’s hope we can make it a good one 🙂

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