Scorpio Monthly Stars November 2013

Scorpio Rankin MissScorpio (24 October-21 November)

If you’re the type of Scorpio who enjoys life when it’s dramatic and full on, you’re going to enjoy the beginning of November. This is of course your birthday month and as soon as the month begins, change and transformation are on the way.

On the 1st, there’s another shot of the Uranus-Pluto square which is dominating our heavens from 2010-2015. You may already know what this is about personally but with Pluto in your communication sector and Uranus ruling your work and health, the themes are the way you talk and tell your story and what you do for a living.

Some of you may have either completely changed careers or be on the verge of doing so. You may have become self-employed or you may be using the internet to get your voice heard. There are a number of different ways how this is going to play out for you but bear in mind that Pluto insists you close a door completely before you open a new one and Uranus needs freedom and space to manoeuvre.

For some of you this may be a case of moving on or moving forward ready or not and this theme is intensified on the 3rd when there’s a solar eclipse in your sign of Scorpio. A solar eclipse is effectively a New Moon with extra oomph as the karmic nodes of the chart are involved. Things happen on a solar eclipse, what’s hidden comes to light and when you look back at this time you realise that what took place or the decisions you made were a major turning point. This is an especially powerful eclipse if your birthday is on or around the 3rd and the keyword to remember is ‘transformation’.

For all Scorpios this is a powerful eclipse because it not only involves the Sun, Moon and the north node but also Saturn and Mercury retrograde. If you look at a chart for the event, there are five key bodies lined up in one sector of your chart. This puts the spotlight on you big time, your personality, your physical body and your personal goals and ambitions.

It’s about you and what you want from life and how you’re going to make your mark. As Scorpio is the sign associated with power, you may want to come across as an authority, become a power dresser or see your name in lights. Embrace the changes that come your way however challenging and know that there’s no sense in looking back but rather keep your gaze firmly fixed on the future and what next.

This isn’t to say that you need to go it alone and in fact, your traditional ruler, Mars is currently in Virgo and the sector of your chart that rules friends, groups and wider society. This is very much about being in the world and some of your progress this month will be connected with larger goals that incorporate society and the world we live in. It’s a good excuse to hang out with your mates as well or network your socks off, whichever fits best and if in doubt, do both.

This is a key month for communication as not only does Mercury, the planet of communication, turn direct in your sign meaning words have power but Venus, planet of relating, enters Capricorn and your communication sector on the 5th where it remains for an unusually long time, until early March 2014.

So what do you want to say? Who do you want to speak to? This is the time to arrange meetings, have a heart-to-heart, reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in years and learn to communicate with authority and power. It’s perfect for public speaking or writing your words of wisdom. It’s also a powerful month to make new friends and connections and to reach out to others. Find people of like minds who share your beliefs and know that together you can make a difference.

Personally this may not be the easiest of periods for you especially if you know a relationship is coming to an end or you’re going through a difficult patch but at the same time the focus on you means that you have to put yourself first and look after your own needs.

Step up to a new challenge, become the breadwinner at home, take on a different or leading role in some way and whatever you’re facing or dealing with, do it with courage and spirit. The wheel of fortune may turn at times a little too fast but hang on tight for the ride.

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