Scorpio Monthly Stars May 2015

Scorpio Zodiac StampScorpio (24 October – 21 November)

The spotlight’s on relationships as the month of May begins. The Sun is in your opposite sign of Taurus until the 21st and your ruling planet Mars is in the same sector of your chart until the 12th. Taurus is the sign that rules your relationships, your partnerships and all one-to-one interactions.

It’s not easy to make your own decisions when there are planets in your opposite sign. You have to take other peoples’ opinions into account and in certain areas of your life you’re not the one in control. This can be frustrating for you and you might find that your energy is lower than usual as other people put demands upon you.

Yet this is also currently a powerful area of your life and you can achieve more working alongside another person and learn more through your one-to-one relationships. The first weekend of May is especially strong as there’s a Full Moon in the heavens which cuts across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart.

The Moon is in your sign of Scorpio and this is renowned as a bewitched Moon. It’s potentially sexy and passionate and what’s hidden can come to light. Emotions are heightened during the Full Moon and your instincts are at their strongest. Trust your intuition. The Full Moon is exact in the early hours of the 4th but its energy can be felt all weekend.

In the UK, this is the first of two Bank Holiday weekends in May. It’s especially powerful as Jupiter, the planet of abundance and opportunity, squares the Full Moon. This can signify an important turning point in a relationship. A decision that affects the future of one or both of you. Jupiter is currently in Leo, the sign at the top of your chart, ruling your career and vocation in life. It’s a profound time for you so look out for signposts that can guide you on your way.

The other important date for relationships in May is the 18th when the New Moon takes place. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings and a chance to make a fresh start. Act fast at the New Moon however because the following day, the 19th, the planet of communication Mercury turns retrograde. When Mercury is retrograde or on go slow, communication turns chaotic and you’re wise to play a waiting game until Mercury picks up speed once again on June 11th.

Mercury is a powerful player this month and next. The communication planet enters the sign of Gemini on the 1st turning your attention towards money matters, especially joint finances and shared resources. If you’re involved in any kind of bureaucracy, paperwork or legal affairs, then act fast. Do what you can before Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th. This includes important phone calls, negotiations, new systems, financial advice, etc.

There’s another planet that’s having a strong influence on your financial affairs and that’s the planet Saturn. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, the sign that rules your money, your personal possessions and the things you value highly in life. Saturn exposes your limitations, it shows you the obstacles in your path and wherever you find Saturn in your chart, you know that you have to work hard.

Saturn opposes Mercury on the 3rd so during the Full Moon weekend you need to get real about money matters. This indicates a tough conversation, accepting your limits perhaps, recognising what’s yours but also when money belongs to someone else.

The heat is definitely on with regard to finances because your ruler, Mars, joins Mercury in Gemini on the 12th followed by the Sun on the 21st. All three of these planets will be opposed by Saturn on the 3rd, the 15th and the 23rd respectively.

The most important opposition is the middle one on the 15th when Saturn opposes your ruler Mars. Mars is the vehicle whereby you channel your anger and your passion for life and Saturn stops you in your tracks. You can’t negotiate easily with Saturn but you can confront your situation head on and deal with it directly.

So May’s advice is to crack on with any kind of financial matter that is outstanding. At the very least, start the ball rolling before Mercury is up to its tricks. The astrology suggests that you might have to pay someone to help you or you might have to take a cut in order to secure your future. You need to think of the long term benefits and know that once mid June comes around, new information will come to light that can help you. You’re setting yourself up for the future which isn’t a straightforward process but necessary.

The best astrology for you this month involves the planet Venus. Venus enters your fellow water sign of Cancer on the 7th where she remains until early June. Venus is the planet of relating and in Cancer she lights up your travel and education sector.

The best connection Venus makes all month is to dreamy Neptune in Pisces on the 16th. This is a wonderful weekend to take a trip, book a holiday or get romantic with the one you love. You might be going away with a lover, a child or taking part in a creative or artistic course. Do something special on the weekend of the 16th/17th.

The one weekend that hints at travel chaos is the second Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. On the 22nd and 25th of the month, Venus clashes with Pluto and Uranus. These two planets spell upheaval. Add to this the fact that Mercury is retrograde by then and you’re wise to have Plan B and C up your sleeve if you’re out and about travelling. Keep your plans flexible.

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