Scorpio Monthly Stars May 2014

Scorpio.15th centuryScorpio (24 October-21 November)

Your love life’s under the spotlight as the month begins or perhaps it’s a key 1-to-1 working partnership that demands your attention. This is due to the powerful Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign of Taurus that took place towards the end of last month on April 29th.

Eclipses can act as turning points and they bring what’s hidden to light. You make key decisions in life usually a few days after the eclipse and as May begins, the spotlight remains firmly on love, partnership and doing things together.

Mercury (communication) is in Taurus until the 7th and the Sun (self) remains in your relationship sector until the 21st. Taurus is a grounded sign, reliable, loyal and hangs in there for long term. This is the way you do relationships on the whole. You don’t always commit easily to love but when you do, you’re prepared to work hard and invest a lot of energy and emotion into making love work.

This month Saturn in Scorpio opposes the Taurus planets on the weekends of the 3rd and 10th. Saturn’s the ‘get real’ planet so you can’t fool yourself when Saturn’s in the picture and you’re wise to pay attention to all your relationships, personal and professional. If one’s not working out, decide what to do about it and whether it’s time to end the agreement. Alternatively, perhaps you’re ready to commit to a long-term relationship, a marriage or a new business partnership. Either way assess your situation carefully and thoughtfully before making your decision.

This may all take place on the 14th when there’s a powerfully dramatic Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your horoscope. Full Moons bring matters to completion and this would be a wonderful date for a wedding or a proposal or to make a declaration that comes from the heart. There’s no right or wrong aspect to ending or beginning a relationship under this month’s stars but it is decision time.

This is also the perfect month to look at the bigger picture in your own life and rather than get bogged down in everyday stuff, focus on what you really want to do in life and access your passion.

The Full Moon is one stage in this process but your stars in May are building towards something extra special and that’s a brilliant Jupiter/Saturn connection on the 24th. Jupiter is currently in Cancer, a fellow water sign which rules travel, education, learning and any activity that broadens your experience of life. This is about adventure and living life to the full and the Jupiter/Saturn connection suggests you’re ready to turn your dreams into reality.

This connection links back to July 2013 and the seeds that were sown last summer. There was a Grand Water Trine in the heavens back then and this month’s connection completes what you started. Your ideas or plans can now bear fruit and flourish and move you forward into a new chapter in life.

It’s interesting that this connection between two powerful planets takes place only a few days after Mars, your ruler, picks up speed in the sign of Libra. Mars has been on go slow since early March so if you’ve been feeling unconfident about your next steps or unsure of what to do, this is the reason why. Mars is now back out in the open and you can think things through and use your intuition to feel more sure and to know that what you’re doing or about to embark on is right.

The trickiest period this month is likely to be between the 11th-18th when there’s a mini re-run of the Grand Cross which dominated last month’s affairs, especially over the Easter weekend.

Venus in Aries and your work and health sector triggers the Grand Cross planets so expect a flare up of an issue that was prominent last month. For some, this is about a difference of opinion with someone close to you, either your partner or a work colleague. Venus and Mars oppose one another in the heavens on the 11th and you’re likely to find that you and someone close don’t see eye-to-eye.

The best advice is not to get dragged into another battle or a potential falling-out. Keep calm and detach yourself emotionally especially if you know that someone’s trying to cause trouble. It is only a blip, however, and in fact in May you will find that working alongside other people speeds up your progress and it’s the connections you make through work or your everyday routine that benefit you and make life more fun.

Finally you can make progress with money matters this month too as Mercury, the communication planet, is strong in Gemini and your joint finance sector. Mercury remains here from the 7th-29th May so focus on finances and sort out paperwork, arrange meetings of whatever it is you need to do to ensure your money is safe and your finances are ship-shape. Mercury will turn retrograde next month and reverse through Gemini from June 17th-July 1st so tie up any financial deals or transactions this month rather than next.

2 thoughts on “Scorpio Monthly Stars May 2014”

  1. Gloria Matthews

    Dear Sally,
    Thank you for the May forecast!
    Love your style of writing.
    I am a Cancer with Scorpio rising and life has not been easy both
    on the home front or at work….resigned during the lunar eclipse
    last month and to read May’s forecast for both signs has
    renewed my hope. Looking forward to a happier period and I wish
    you all the best with loads of happiness, love and abundance.

    Keep up with the fabulous work that you are doing.
    take care n love
    Gloria Matthews, Singapore

    1. Dear Gloria, thank you for your comment and I’m thrilled that you love my style of writing. Sorry things have been tough, Saturn I expect which has been in Scorpio for some time now. He is moving on… slowly… but yes, a much easier month this one. Sending you best wishes, Sally

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