Scorpio Monthly Stars March 2014

Scorpio JaipurScorpio (24 October-21 November)

The lines of communication are back open now that Mercury has turned direct. Down at the base of your chart in the sign of Aquarius, this puts the spotlight on home and family matters, anything to do with your domestics, and a nod to the past or where you come from.

Pick up the phone, have that important conversation, discuss moving or decorating or spring-cleaning and start over. Venus, the planet of relating, joins Mercury in Aquarius on the 5th so this may involve a project that you and your other half can take on together in the house or garden or with regard to a celebration or a gathering of the clans. You may be off to a wedding this month or ready for a major de-clutter. Either way, this feels an enjoyable energy, it’s fresh and lively and rejuvenating.

There may be good news for someone in the family as well on or around the 18th when Venus connects with planet of surprises, Uranus. Expect encouraging or exciting news on or around this date, perhaps the birth of a child or the announcement of a new job.

Work picks up for you as well after the 20th when the Sun enters the sign of Aries and you can kick-start your work or career. This is the spring equinox and putting your energy into a job hunt or looking for new work is well-starred.

The New Moon on the 30th also falls in the sign of Aries, a great day to launch a new work project. Don’t forget that Aries rules your health as well as your work so you may want to start a new exercise schedule or take extra care of yourself and look after your diet on or around the 30th. New beginnings all round.

It really does feel as if spring has sprung looking at the astrology for you this month as first the Sun and then Mercury enter your fellow water sign of Pisces. The Sun is here until the 20th and Mercury enters Pisces on the 17th. Pisces is the sign that rules all the good things in your life, like love affairs, your children, your creativity and entertainment and fun. This suggests that your spirits will rise and you’ll want to do more with your life and actively engage in enjoyable activities.

Jupiter, the luckiest planet in the heavens, connects in a glorious trine aspect with the Sun on the 1st and Mercury on the 26th. Jupiter’s in a fellow water sign, the sign of Cancer which rules travel and holidays, learning and new experiences. If there was ever a time to spread your net wide and broaden your experiences of life, it’s now.

The 1st in particular is a key date for you as there’s another New Moon in Pisces. There may be news of a pregnancy or a major creative achievement, whether for you or someone close to you. The sap’s rising and you’re ready to fall in love all over again.

Finally this month, we must give a nod to two key planets that turn retrograde right at the beginning of March and both of them are important for you. The first is Mars, your ruling planet, which turns retrograde in Libra on the 1st and remains on go slow until May 20th 2014. The second is Saturn, planet of commitment and responsibility, which turns retrograde in your own sign of Scorpio on the 2nd and remains on go slow until mid-July 2014.

These two planets together are known as the malefics in astrology, i.e. they are difficult natures to deal with; Mars rules anger and Saturn rules limitation. This is where you can get frustrated in life and many Scorpio have felt the weight of Saturn since he entered your sign in October 2012. Saturn’s more about lack than plenty, either too much work or too little and can equate with low energy and feeling below par.

My personal take on Saturn retrograde is that it weakens the difficult nature of this strong planet, so you get a break from the hardship or relentless nature of Saturn and you get a chance to breathe and recoup before Saturn picks up speed again mid-July. Yes, you still need to keep your eye on the long-term goal but there’s less weight and responsibility involved.

Mars is retrograde in the sign before yours, Libra, so Mars is hidden away right now. This can indicate a change in direction concerning what you want or losing your way somewhat with a long-term project. You may find that you need to go with the flow more and whether you’ve been studying or involved in research or working behind the scenes you have to slow down and let life take you where it leads.

This is the part of your chart that rules retreat and solitude so remember the power of inner work and being silent or quiet amidst the noise. Hopefully, and if you’re in tune with your stars, there’s a lot going well for you this month and therefore, a lot to be grateful for.

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