Scorpio Monthly Stars June 2012

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There’s plenty of astrological activity in June and with the second of a pair of eclipses on the 4th June plus the 1st of seven mighty Uranus/Pluto squares on the 24th June, the atmosphere is intense. If you’re a typical Scorpio, you thrive on drama and excitement, so hopefully you can embrace the intensity and take advantage of some of the changes coming your way.

The lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 4th cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and follows on from the solar or New Moon eclipse on the 20th May also in Gemini. This puts the spotlight firmly on money, your own money and what you share with others.  This includes money that’s tied up in debts, savings, investments, mortgages, insurances and the like. Last month’s solar eclipse was about inner change but the lunar eclipse on the 4th June turns to external events, things that are beyond your control. Eclipses are shady and dramatic and bring what’s hidden to light.

This isn’t the easiest picture financially and there’s a possibility that you’re going to end up at loggerheads with one specific person or financial institution. Your planets Mars is caught up in the eclipse action and suggests that you need to fight for your rights especially if it’s your financial security that’s at stake. If you can, try and second guess who or what this might be and take swift action to sort out any issue before it becomes a problem. Now’s not the time to avoid opening bank statements or to be in denial but to take charge of the situation instead.

In addition, Venus, the planet that rules relationships in your chart, is retrograde, i.e. on go slow until the 27th. So if someone else has tabs on your money, there’s a possibility that you may have to play a waiting game and think through some key financial decisions. If an ex or partner is involved, it may be more difficult to force a decision and you need to be willing to negotiate and compromise. Trust your instincts and use your people skills.

The best news for you, however, is the fact that Jupiter, planet of opportunity, also enters Gemini on 11th June where it’s going to remain until June 26, 2013. So this does suggest that as the month progresses, you’ll have more success financially and be able to break free of restrictive financial ties. Jupiter rules freedom and liberation so whether it’s a legal case you’re involved in or your money’s tied up in a fixed term agreement, Jupiter suggests room to move and the chance to negotiate a better deal.

Let’s not forget that Jupiter has a reputation for being the lucky planet and some Scorpios will find money coming their way through a streak of good fortune. Thank your lucky stars if this happens to you, whether it’s a bonus, a lottery win, an investment that matures or an unexpected inheritance. However, don’t rely on big bucks winging its way to you but keep your options open and use all your power and skills to increase the Law of Attraction.

Mercury, the communication planet, also enters Leo and your career sector on the 26th June. When Mercury teams up with Jupiter on 29th June, you should find that clear communication helps you make progress financially and in your vocation. It should also give you an inkling of what you can expect to receive whilst Jupiter in your shared finance sector. The end of the month promises to be an welcome turning point for money matters.

The other big news is the Uranus/Pluto square as mentioned earlier and for you personally this is about breaking away from routine and doing things differently. New ideas or habits will have an impact on your everyday life. How you communicate with others is somehow connected to this shift and words have power. You can be extremely persuasive now with Pluto, your co-ruler in Capricorn and your communication sector. Whether it’s in the form of a website, sales pitch, public talk or tweets, texts and emails, there’s a new level of intensity about your desire to communicate.

It is, however, also a restless combination so only act on impulse or speak your mind if you’re prepared to deal with the consequences. Some Scorpios may decide to jack in a job or course of study that’s not working out. In the world in general and for you personally, it’s out with the old and in with the new. The order of the day is change and, as every good Scorpio knows, change offers the possibility for both inner and outer transformation.

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