Scorpio Monthly Stars January 2013

Scorpio Zodiac StampScorpio (24 October-21 November)

Happy New Year! January is an important month for you, Scorpio, with both your ruling planets dominating the action. On the 1st, Mars, the action planet, teams up with wild card Uranus. This is lively and exciting and it involves your home and family, your work and/or your health. You may decide to blitz the house from top to bottom or take action to transform your everyday lifestyle. This suggests a lot of enthusiasm for your New Year resolutions, at least when it comes to making them if not keeping them.

Mars and Uranus give you the motivation to do things but you require steady application and discipline to see things through. This is where Saturn comes in as the planet of discipline and long-term goals is in your sign of Scorpio. The two elements come together to ensure you can make new personal goals and more importantly know how to keep them.

Mars remains down at the bottom of your chart throughout January so your home or family play a key role in your life at this time. It depends on your personal situation what this means for you but as Mars is the action planet this suggests sorting things out at home or with regard to where you live. If there are family members you didn’t see over Christmas then you may want to take this opportunity to visit them. You may do this out of a sense of duty but even if you feel you should, make it happen. It’s likely to be more important than you realise.

On the 4th, Mars and Jupiter connect and this brings money into the mix. You may be looking at ways of improving your income or saving money for you and your family. A property move would fit the bill as would a decision to rent out a room or discuss paying bills with the rest of your family. If new work comes in for one of you unexpectedly, then this can help too. Depending what you do, there may be a decision to work from home, become a stay-at-home Mum or any other combination that involves your home, your family and your ability to work and earn money.

Jupiter is a positive influence as it’s the planet of opportunity and a key date to note is the 30th when Jupiter turns direct in the heavens. This feels beneficial and between February and the end of June, Jupiter picks up speed in the sector of your chart that rules joint finances. Money may come to you in an unexpected way, either via an investment, a money-making scheme or an inheritance. It feels lucky and it’s a good time to take risks to ensure your financial future for you and your loved ones.

If you’re looking for work, the 22nd and 25th are well-starred and this month’s Full Moon on the 27th falls in the sign of Leo, ruling your career sector. This is an important event as the Full Moon represents culmination and a sense of completion. It’s a great day to make a decision about your work and career and it may bring new status or a new position your way. Raise your game and take your turn in the spotlight.

Your other ruling planet is Pluto and Pluto is currently in your communication sector. It’s involved in a dance with Saturn in Scorpio and the two together suggest strength of purpose and a determination to speak up and be heard. However, it’s important to choose your words wisely and to realise that what you say or write can be final when Pluto’s involved. So don’t hand in your resignation, for example, if you’re not entirely sure it’s what you want.

There is an intensity about communicating and getting your message across that’s been building for some time now. It’s crucial for your development and even though being a Scorpio you tend to be a private person, you know that via communication you define who you are. Be clear with yourself about what you want to achieve this month and what your particular skills and goals are. If you’re not a performer, don’t perform. If you like working behind the scenes, find a way to do that successfully. It’s about being true to who you are.

Writing things down or speaking your intention out loud creates results and whatever you begin this month has the power to materialise and become real. What’s more, you have the ability within yourself to stick to your goals and be disciplined to see things through to completion. Love may take a back seat for now unless you and your other half work together or have similar life goals. The focus is on you and preparing yourself for a successful and prosperous 2013.

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