Scorpio Monthly Stars February 2014

Scorpio Ukraine StampScorpio (24 October-21 November)

Throughout February Mars, your ruling planet, continues to move through Libra, the sign before yours, in the most hidden sector of your chart. This is often a time when you benefit from retreat or turning your thoughts inward.

You may be working on your personal development or be looking at new ways of boosting your motivation levels or altering your mindset. For some, you’ll be working on something private or behind the scenes ready to launch in the summer. You may be studying for an exam or have a secret passion that you’re not yet ready to admit to.

You’ll also benefit from being quieter than usual and having more time to yourself for your own thoughts and reflections.

If you’re married or in a relationship, then part of your thinking may be about love and what you want from a partnership. This is the one month out of the first five months of the year that both Mars, your ruling planet, and Venus, your partner planet, are moving in direct motion. Venus is currently in Capricorn and your communication sector so this suggests you may need to have some deep conversations and take time to either understand one another better or deal with any issues that you’ve been ignoring over the last six weeks whilst Venus was retrograde.

The best date of the month for love and relating is the 25th when Venus connects with Saturn in your own sign of Scorpio. This is a quietly dignified connection which speaks of commitment and new resolve. You may find you want to reach out to someone on this date too, a sibling or neighbour perhaps, and make peace with them.

New romance is on the cards this month but any new love affair won’t progress directly from A to B. This is because on the 6th Mercury turns retrograde in your romance sector and if you meet someone on the first weekend of the month, you will have to be patient before you can take your relationship any further. Mercury slips into Pisces as the month begins and slips out again on the 13th and won’t return until March 17th. If you feel you’ve let love slip through your fingers, this is not the case and you can pick up the connection again further down the line.

The Sun is in Pisces from the 18th and the 23rd promises romance and a great deal of it as the Sun connects with Neptune. This is classic astrology for losing yourself in love and being swept off on a romantic high. It’s wonderfully giddy but requires more grounding to progress into an everyday relationship. Enjoy being swept off your feet but don’t confuse your romantic feelings with the more practical requirements for a long-lasting relationship. Again patience is the key although February won’t be without it’s romantic highlights.

Home and family matters are another area where you need to slow things down for now and not rush into anything new. This applies to a property move or organising a family get-together. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius and your home and family sector from the 13th and both the Sun and Mercury clash with Saturn in your sign of Scorpio on the 11th and 19th respectively. Saturn squares often suggest being stopped in your tracks, experiencing doubt or reservations about what you were planning or an obstacle that needs careful thought before it can be overcome.

You may discover that someone in your family has differing needs to your own and a rethink might be necessary before you find a compromise and a way to move forward as a unit. Pencil in the weekend of the 15th/16th for a family pow-wow or get-together and once Mercury turns direct on the 28th, you’ll hear the news you’ve been waiting for or discover that more information comes to light and any blocks will disappear.

There’s a major planetary aspect taking place on the 26th between Jupiter in Cancer and your travel and study sector and Uranus in Aries and your work sector. This is a lively combination as both these planets represent freedom and spontaneity. You may make a radical decision on or around this date to give up work and go travelling or change your lifestyle in some way to suit you better.

Squares can be challenging but Jupiter is exalted i.e. strong in Cancer and this is a brilliant year in general for you to make the most of your life and embrace freedom. If you can do something different at work or use technology to boost your chances, go for it. Uranus in Aries is about being different, embracing the weird and not letting other peoples’ expectations or convention hold you back.

To gain a deeper understanding of what this planetary aspect means to you, think back to August 21st 2013 when there was a similar pattern in the heavens. In the last six months, you’ve come full circle and this could be a defining moment for you.

In addition, there’s a Full Moon in Leo on Valentines Day up at the top of your chart which promises success and a chance to advance in your career or your chosen vocation. This is a powerful Full Moon and as it takes place in the same month as the Jupiter-Uranus square, some of you will be celebrating big-time thanks to the course of events that are now taking place. Even if you only grab your 15 minutes of fame, do it in style.

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