Scorpio Monthly Stars December 2013

Scorpio Kitschensyngk 2Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

The start of December brings a cycle to completion and you may already know that there’s one significant conversation you need or want to have.

Mercury, planet of communication, has spent almost 10 weeks in your sign of Scorpio bringing intensity and focus to the way you communicate or your thought processes. Mercury has however been next to Saturn in the heavens not once but three times and this may have felt heavy or relentless.

Mercury moves on from Scorpio on the 5th but before it does so, it makes an easy sextile aspect to your ruling planet Mars on the 3rd. This feels like walking the talk, putting your money where your mouth is or taking action to resolve a situation and bring it to completion.

It’s a good day to say Yes to a new project and with the New Moon also taking place on the 3rd in Sagittarius and your money sector, what you begin on or around this date promises to grow and flourish.

The focus is on money and your personal possessions throughout December as the Sun is in your money sector until the 21st and Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius from the 5th-24th. This may be about buying Christmas presents and finding just what you wanted either in the shops or online. Alternative Christmas presents are a good idea too this year whether this indicates a Secret Santa or home-made presents or simply deciding to buy less and being happy about it.

It’s not just about Christmas however as the planet Uranus is strong this month and Uranus, planet of unpredictability, is in Aries, the sign that rules your work, your routine and your health. Another reason why money matters are foreground now may be because you find a new job or you’re working part-time and earning extra cash thanks to the festivities.

The 10th looks especially promising when Mercury comes together with Uranus in a harmonious trine aspect. This suggests good news on the cash or money front and there’s a lucky feel to your stars now so why not buy yourself a Christmas lottery ticket or enter a competition. Tuesdays feel especially lucky and Tuesdays are traditionally ruled by your planet Mars.

Mid-month however, things could turn a little more unpredictable and the shift comes on the 17th when there’s a Full Moon cutting across your money sectors plus Uranus turns direct in the heavens. This could swing either way and bring achievement or a change in direction. It depends a lot on your personal situation and if you know that your current situation isn’t working out and that a change in work and money fortune is a necessity, then this month may make it clearer where the path ahead lies.

Listen out for the clues that point you in the right direction. For some of you this will be about changing direction on the work and job front and for others it will be about changes at home or within the family.

This all coincides with your ruler Mars moving into Libra on the 7th and the most hidden sector of your chart. Mars is going to remain here until late July 2014, an exceptionally long time for Mars to be in one sign of the zodiac and this is due to Mars turning retrograde next year. For now, however, Mars is set firmly on course in Libra turning your attention inward and your intuition or inner voice can be a powerful guide.

You benefit also from a time of retreat or quiet time when Mars is in the sign before yours and for whatever reason, you’re being asked or urged to slow down the pace of life. Some of you may be working behind the scenes and planning a major shift in your life which will coincide with Mars moving into Scorpio next summer. It’s often a good idea to keep your plans and thoughts to yourself and not reveal everything. You may be harbouring a secret that for now you’re not willing to expose.

The last week of the year looks especially unsettled and this is the case for everyone. Mars clashes with Uranus on Christmas Day and squares up to Pluto on New Year’s Eve. I think for you this is partly about doing things differently this year, whether you decide to go on a silent retreat over the festive season or help out at a charity, working with the homeless for example.

You may benefit from an alternative Christmas Day so don’t feel that you have to do things the same way they’ve always been done if you know that you’re ready for a change. It may be about putting your own needs first even if this doesn’t go down well with other people.

What is important is to avoid a difficult situation and to dampen down any arguments before they flare up. There is a sense that you can’t please everyone with these volatile aspects and someone is going to have to compromise. Do your best to chill and be diplomatic and keep the peace when necessary.

Most importantly for you however is to listen to your intuition and this is especially the case with regard to the direction of your work and what you want to achieve next year for yourself and your family. You may have some tough questions to answer and some big decisions to make but in one or more areas of your life, change is a’comin’ and if you’re honest with yourself, you will already know where those changes are most needed.

Finally this month there’s a powerful Jupiter/Saturn trine aspect on the 13th and this is harmonious and easy. With Jupiter in your travel and education sector and Saturn in your sign of Scorpio, this is about making solid plans for the future, whether you’re thinking of emigrating, want to plan a major trip abroad or you’re ready to start a course of study. It’s an excellent date in December to take the first step towards making your dreams come true. Wherever you are and whoever you’re with, wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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