Scorpio Monthly Stars December 2012

Scorpio Month of NovemberScorpio (24 October-21 November)

As the month begins, there’s a sense that things are finally starting to shift and the problems or hold ups of the last two months can now be resolved. It’s a very personal picture as so many planets have been focused on your sign of Scorpio and ultimately you. You may have changed the way you think about yourself or want to look different or be different. Certainly with so much focus on your sign, this is about your image as well as being comfortable with who you are.

Don’t forget that being a Scorpio means you have a super secret side and you like to have a private life and don’t always find it easy being in the limelight. However, life is calling you forth and asking you to share your knowledge and experience or step up to the mark in some way.

The start of December feels lighter than the deeply intense last two months and you can start to see the way forward with more clarity and insight. The sociable planets Mercury and Venus remain in Scorpio and you may enjoy talking about yourself more and what you want to do next. These two planets tend to bring popularity and Venus in Scorpio attracts people to you. It’s good news if you’re looking for love but even better news if you want to persuade someone that you’re the woman or man for the job.

Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, is also in Scorpio where it remains for the next couple of years. This can bring added problems or pressure but being a Scorpio you’re nothing if not a survivor and at your best you learn from life’s lessons. Plus Saturn in Scorpio suggests that here’s your chance to become a force to be reckoned with, to take on a position of leadership or become an authority in your own field. There’s a distinguished feel about Saturn and behaving well and properly creates respect.

The last few days of the year are brilliant for you to consider your future so spend some time consolidating what you’ve learned in 2012 and create a plan or strategy for the next few years. Saturn and your ruler Pluto align in the heavens on the 27th, the day before a powerful Full Moon on the 28th and this is potentially transformative. It’s about considering the bigger picture in life and discovering a real strength of purpose. It’s an opportunity to rise above your personal difficulties and decide what you need to do in order to turn your life around.

With Saturn in Scorpio there will be times when you feel that you have to deal with the big issues in your life but there’s also an ease about this month’s stars that’s been missing recently. In particular, work or your lifestyle looks fun and things begin to shift. This is due to the planet Uranus in one of your work sectors and on the 13th, Uranus turns direct.

This coincides with a brilliant New Moon in your money sector which signals good news, an unexpected cash bonus or an idea that pays dividends. Uranus tends to create a buzz and you benefit by being impulsive and spontaneous. You may pick up part-time work, win on the lottery, be asked to do something original and different. Bear in mind the saying, “when it’s right, it’s easy” as this suits Uranus’ nature.

Christmas is often a month of extra expense but the key for you is to decide what you’re going to do about presents and entertainment, make a decision, stick to it and enjoy yourself. Some of you are bound to feel extravagant and with Jupiter in full flow this month, temptation isn’t far away. The 3rd, 17th and 23rd are the days to note if you know you want to limit your spending. Keep your credit card at home or know that you’re more likely to say “what the heck” on or around these dates. Jupiter’s generous and giving and it feels abundant but there are rarely any limits when Jupiter leads the party, so do enjoy yourself but don’t run up debts unless you’re willing to pay the consequences.

Jupiter’s got to be good news for you in your joint finance sector in the long run but right now, it’s yet another planet in retrograde and it’s only in February that you taste Jupiter’s bounty. So either spend within your means or let rip and pay later – it’s your choice ultimately but ensure that whatever you do, you make the most of and enjoy this Christmas month.

Finally, your traditional ruler Mars is strong in Capricorn for most of December which puts the emphasis on connections and communication. Take the lead in organising events, social or otherwise, and know that you can learn so much from other people. Mars enters your family sector on Boxing Day so spend some time with the ones you love this festive season. Balance family time with personal goals and do whatever’s necessary to prepare yourself for the year ahead. Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2013.

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