Scorpio Monthly Stars August 2014

Blackpool TowerScorpio (24 October-21 November)

There’s not a great deal of slowing down going on in the heavens for you, Scorpio, as August gets underway. Mars, your traditional ruling planet, is in your sign of Scorpio throughout the month and driving you forward with strength and purpose.

Mars loves Scorpio as it’s a sign where he can be focused, travel deep and get things done. Transformation is possible both inner and outer and wherever you put your steely determination, there are hidden riches to be found.

For some this is about your career and new opportunities opening up for you and for others it’s about love, play and other areas of passion. A lot is going to be asked of you in the month of August and you need to prove that you can rise to the occasion.

This is certainly a month to focus on your vocation and what you want out of life as Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is now in Leo at the top of your chart ruling your career and public status. Expect to be called forth to take on a new position either with regard to your work, a promotion perhaps, or to chair a board or committee. The more you put into your life now, the more you get back in return and you can prove to yourself and others that you’re capable of great things.

It’s not just Jupiter in Leo this month either as three of the personal planets move through your career sector. Mercury, the communication planet, is in Leo until the 15th, the Sun’s there until the 23rd and Venus, the love Goddess, takes up the Leo baton on the 12th through to the end of the month.

Some key dates to note are the 2nd when Mercury and Jupiter connect in the heavens. This signals good news and it’s a positive symbol for any new venture that begins on or around this date. This may involve a group of people, your social network and it have links with foreign connections, publishing, media or the Law.

The 8th looks lively too when the Sun and Mercury conjoin in the heavens and make an easy aspect to Uranus in Aries and your work sector. The 8th is brilliant for a meeting or interview and if you’re applying for a job or looking for work, circle the 8th in your diary to make progress and fast. Uranus is associated with technology so anything that’s online or internet-related promises swift progress.

There’s also a Full Moon on the 10th which cuts across the Aquarius/Leo axis of your horoscope focusing on the foundations of your chart. You’re in the spotlight with the Moon in Aquarius but as Saturn squares both the Sun and the Moon, this could be a scary proposition. There may be pressure upon you to perform and perhaps you’re challenging yourself to the max.

If there’s a discrepancy in your life between what you do for a living and what you want to achieve on a personal level, you could feel out-of-sorts, as if your career and your identity are not in alignment. It’s a powerful and emotional Full Moon that may bring up issues to do with your work, your family and where you come from.

Mars is firing on all cylinders however and can help you push through and overcome any fear, doubt or other limitations or obstacles that arise. The 15th brings a sea-change and a conversation you have with yourself or a key player in your life helps you understand where you’re heading and why.

Finally on the 25th Mars and Saturn conjoin in the heavens and this feels especially powerful. It depends partly how you’ve found Saturn in your sign of Scorpio where it’s been since October 2012 how this connection is going to pan out for you. Saturn in Scorpio often indicates a period of hard work but it can push you to the limit and if you know that you’re ready to move on, it could be time to make a momentous decision.

What’s important to realise is that Saturn will leave Scorpio at the end of the year and the decisions you make in the last week of August are connected to what happens by Christmas 2014. You don’t have to make this decision alone either as on the same day, the 25th, there’s a New Moon in Virgo and your friendship sector. Other people will step in to help you and if you’re offered any kind of role within a group context, this has got to be a good decision and one that will help you set up a new plan or strategy to take you into 2015.

Look out for influential people this month too especially after the 12th when Venus is in Leo. In particular, a powerful woman who can help you achieve your own goals or ambitions and certainly it looks as if you have someone on your side, backing you and supporting what you want to do.

Venus is the planet of love so if you’re in a relationship or married this is good news for your other half and they may have reason to celebrate in the second half of August. If you’re looking for love, you’re most likely to meet someone new who’s connected to your work or what you do for a living. Both Venus and Mars are in fixed signs from mid-month onwards and this suggests you need a partner who’s equal to you.

For those of you who are in a relationship, it’s a sign that you need to encourage each other to go for your goals and be the best that you can be. There’s not a lot of time to put your feet up in August but keep on track with what you want out of life and the rest will follow.

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