Scorpio Monthly Stars April 2013

Scorpio Rankin MissScorpio (24 October-21 November)

As April begins, there are four planets in the sign of Aries and the focus is on work, routine, health and your everyday lifestyle. One of these planets is your traditional ruler Mars which likes the fire sign Aries and revs up your energy and enthusiasm for life.

This gives you the ability to make things happen and get things done especially after the Easter weekend. Whatever fires you up, do more of it, whether it’s exercise, healthy living or enjoying life to the full. It’s about finding ways of making everyday life more pleasurable and enjoyable.

One of the planets currently in Aries is Uranus, the planet of change, so this isn’t the most stable of periods work-wise. In fact, Uranus is encouraging you to do things differently and to ring the changes at work and in your everyday routine. If you can go freelance or become self-employed, look into it. If you could benefit from using technology or social media in your work, check it out.

Uranus invites you to think outside of the box and not rely on tried and trusted ways to find work or earn money. In fact with Jupiter, the planet that loves to take risks, in one of your financial sectors, you benefit more from the unexpected, the unpredictable and the unusual than any straightforward means of earning a living and paying the bills.

A few good dates to note this month are the 1st when the Sun and Jupiter connect in the heavens (be lucky), the 10th when there’s a New Moon in Aries (launch a project, start something new), the 18th when the Sun and Mars conjoin in the heavens (be ambitious & strong-willed) and the 24th when Mercury and Jupiter connect in the heavens (think lucky). These are all great dates to pursue your goals, whether work- financial- or health-related.

Mid-month the personal planets begin to move into your opposite sign of Taurus starting with Venus (love) on the 15th, the Sun lighting up your partnership sector on the 19th and Mars (desire) on the 20th. This puts the spotlight on love and relationships and it’s a wonderful period if you want to improve your love life or meet someone new. Neptune, the planet that represents romance is currently in the sector of your chart that rules love affairs and new love. The 19th looks blessed and the 24th and 27th add intrigue. If you’re single but don’t want to be, here’s your chance to start dating and try your luck online, via a dating agency or out in the world in general. 

As is often the case with your sign of Scorpio, however, life and your love life in particular are intensified due to a lunar eclipse cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the 25th and Saturn opposing planets in Taurus on the 22nd and 28th. It’s impossible to simply waft along enjoying the heady scent of romance with all this powerful activity going on and you’re being asked to address the more serious issues surrounding relationships. These include commitment, your ability to work hard at love and relationships and for some, ending whatever isn’t working out in your life.

When Saturn’s in your sign, you have to consider the future and look ahead. It’s about planning for the long-term and deciding what’s right for you. Saturn brings benefits into your life but only if you’re prepared to work hard and put in the energy and effort required to transform your situation.

Bear in mind that when planets are in your opposite sign this is as much about professional or working partnerships as it is romantic relationships. It’s about all key one-on-ones and the last week in April cranks up the intensity. Eclipses are often turn-around events and especially powerful when they fall in your own sign. Think back to the solar eclipse that took place on November 13th 2012 and take note of what happened back then.

Solar eclipses focus on you and putting yourself first but this month’s lunar eclipse is about your relationship with other people and learning to negotiate or compromise. Admittedly, eclipses can close one door before another door opens so for some this signals the end of a relationship, working or otherwise, and for others a new emotional beginning. Whatever takes place, it’s likely to be a significant marker that you remember for some time to come.

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