Scorpio Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Halloween, ScorpioScorpio (24 October – 21 November)

There’s a powerful shift in energy this month and for you, it indicates this is the time to reach out to others, both personally and professionally, as it’s through your connections where there are riches to be found.

Plus, if you’ve been dealing with a personal issue that’s been heavy-going, current astrology indicates that you’re on the mend or things will start to make sense as you head towards your birthday month.

Yet the major planetary theme this month is connections as the planets begin to stack up in the sign of Virgo ruling your friends, group connections and wider society. Your ruling planet Mars is in this sector of your chart throughout October and collaboration is important now on different levels.

On the 8th, Venus joins Mars in Virgo, and perhaps more significantly Venus finally leaves Leo and your career sector where it’s been for almost five months, since early June. After a big year on the work and career front, you are moving on.

This will mean different things for different people depending on your current situation. Leo likes to be the boss so if you run your own company or you’re in charge of a group of people, this is particularly relevant to you. You might have been able to make great strides in your career whilst planets were stacked in this sector of your chart but this is no longer the time to go it alone.

Plus once Venus moves on, you might find you lose the support of a key person in your life and without their backing, you have to rethink your position or renegotiate terms and conditions.

You might feel you’ve come to the end of the road doing things your way and you’re ready to seek new inspiration. You might be bored of being on your own too much and want to team up with others, to ensure that work is social and not just about professional goals.

With planets in Virgo, this is where your attention turns towards teamwork and/or joining a group or association either on- or off-line which can help boost your profile and be good fun too. You want both things from any new association – this isn’t only about how to reach more people or network well, it’s about finding more pleasure in what you do.

Yes, learn from others and turn to experts for guidance and advice but find a support buddy, a partner who complements your own skills, a group which makes you laugh as well as being accountable to.

The other planet in Virgo and this same sector of your chart is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth. Wherever Jupiter goes, this is where you find expansion, you can take risks and play big.

Jupiter rules foreign connections so it might be someone abroad who triggers your interest or leads you to a new job. Jupiter is about gaining qualifications, new experiences and seeking adventure. Step out of your comfort zone, update your knowledge and invest in learning.

The 17th and 25th look glorious for new connections when first Mars and then Venus team up with Jupiter. This is stunning astrology which suggests celebration, an award, good news. You benefit greatly by widening your scope and going beyond your personal endeavours.

Socially too this is the time to reconnect with old friends and make new friends. A celebration, friends reunion or get-together fits the bill perfectly. If an invitation comes your way to meet up, accept and why not get back in touch with people you find yourself thinking about. This is not only fun but potentially rewarding in other ways.

The 11th is a stunning date for you when Jupiter in Virgo aligns with your modern ruling planet Pluto in Capricorn. These are the people sectors of your chart so communication is well-starred and Jupiter and Pluto together represent hidden riches, big power. You can boost your status and reputation or enhance your work or career when you ask the right question, make the right connections and spread your message far and wide.

Another key turning point this month comes on the 9th when the planet of communication, Mercury, turns direct in the heavens in the sign before yours, Libra. Mercury in Libra focuses on your inner life, the workings of your subconscious. When Mercury’s retrograde or on go slow, this can mess up your intuition but once Mercury picks up speed, your instincts are back on track.

Take care that you don’t get sidetracked or lead astray during the first week of October. Neptune opposes your traditional ruler, Mars, on the 7th and this can feel confusing or disorienting. You’re not in full possession of the facts or the information you need to act at this time and you’re best to wait until the 9th to speak up, sign an agreement or make up your mind.

If there’s been a personal issue bothering you, Mercury’s change of direction will help greatly. You feel back in charge and your self confidence is boosted. You’re less prone to worry and more able to focus on what’s positive about your life.

The New Moon this month also takes place in Libra on the 13th and some quiet time is recommended. It’s a good date to decide what to do about a financial matter or to negotiate well if you’re talking money. There’s a key Mercury-Saturn connection on this date which is helpful for finalising matters, especially related to money and finance.

The best news of the month for you is the fact that on the 23rd the Sun enters Scorpio and your birthday month begins. This is a real confidence boost and you might even experience a shift of energy on or around this date. It’s time to focus on your personal goals and what you want out of life. If you’ve been caring for someone else or focused on other peoples’ needs, turn your attention back to you.

The Full Moon on the 27th cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your chart highlighting 1-to-1 relationships. If you’re in a relationship or married, this month you can get back on track and once Venus enters Virgo on the 8th, you and your partner are on the same wavelength. Yet it’s the powerful Full Moon in Taurus which promises a time when love can and will blossom and flourish.

2 thoughts on “Scorpio Monthly Horoscope October 2015”

  1. This is SO on the money for me. In fact the past few months have been the same. Huge changes for me this year, tough times for health and career but now one is much improved and the other is changing … for the better.
    Thanks very much!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Sherryl. October’s looking good and then it’s birthday month. Onwards… best, Sally

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