Scorpio Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Scorpio (24 October – 21 November)

As May begins, there are some important planets in your opposite sign of Taurus. Taurus rules your 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional, and there’s strong emphasis on this sector of your chart and the role that other people play in your life.

The Sun is in Taurus until May 20th so perhaps your own identity is caught up with other people or you find that you’re waiting on other people for information or to give you the go-ahead in some shape or form.

This would fit with the fact that Mercury, the communication planet, is currently retrograde in Taurus, your opposite sign, and Mercury is on go-slow until May 22nd. This suggests that for most of the month of May, you’re having to play a waiting game, and it’s going to be harder for you to take action now or to push your own goals or aims forward.

In fact, there’s a holding pattern going on in the heavens and you’re one of the signs that is likely to be held back or delayed the most. Your own ruling planet, Mars, remains retrograde throughout May so this often indicates a time when you can’t move ahead as quickly as you would like.

In fact, you’re wise now to take a breather, to stop in some way and slow down the pace. For you, May is a month of reflection, a chance to review your situation and to take any opportunity you can to look at life from a fresh perspective.

Think outside of the box, explore your options for what next but don’t try and rush into anything new right now. You might even find that something better comes your way if you’re prepared to hold your horses for a while yet.

This approach is confirmed because on May 27th, your planet Mars retreats back into your own sign of Scorpio where it will remain on go slow until June 29th. This date is your turning point when you can start to move forward with confidence and a new stage or phase in your life will begin.

This is linked to events at the start of the year as Mars was in Scorpio in January and February. At the mid-way point of the year, you can begin to pick up again on personal goals or aims that you want to achieve but haven’t been able to until yet.

One area that might have held you up is money and Mars is currently retrograde in Sagittarius and your money sector. When Mars is on go slow, you can feel frustrated or demotivated and being patient doesn’t always come easily.

If money is currently an important issue in your life, events around the Full Moon on May 21st will highlight your situation more clearly. This is a powerful Full Moon which cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart highlighting your own personal money and your joint finances, i.e. money that’s tied up in financial schemes, savings or debts, and money you share in some way with others, money earned, money owed.

During the Full Moon period, your planet Mars is caught up in the planetary scuffle. Mars in Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini on May 22nd so during the Full Moon, the Moon and Mars are side by side. This is a volatile combination and you’re likely to feel strongly about money matters.

Emotions are always heightened during the Full Moon phase and you might be prepared to go into battle or to fight for what’s rightfully yours. You might simply find that you’re no longer prepared to play a waiting game and your patience goes out of the window.

It is important to stick by the law during this Full Moon phase and to do things properly. You might get caught out by rules and regulations and other people being a stickler for guidelines, the small print. Choose your battles carefully during this period as you’re not in a strong position with your own planet in retrograde motion.

There are other people who can help you however this month as long as you choose your alliances wisely. One of the planets which is strong and powerful in your opposite sign of Taurus is Venus, the planet of relating.

Venus remains in Taurus until May 24th and this is someone who’s on your side. It might be your significant other if you’re in a relationship or married. You can lean on this person and their input will feel protective and supportive.

Look out for a woman in a position of power who can help you too and the period from the 9th to the 14th is especially strong in this respect. You don’t easily let go of control being a Scorpio but in the month of May, you might have to lean on others more than usual.

There’s also a stunning New Moon in Taurus on May 6th which is a wonderful time to check out who’s on your side. Plus the New Moon makes a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter in Virgo and your co-ruler Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter rules opportunity and growth and in Virgo this lights up your friendship sector. Pluto rules transformation and in Capricorn this lights up your communication sector. So turn to your community, look to your friends for advice and ideas. This is another indication that May is not a month to go it alone.

Love too can prosper under this planetary combination and the 9th and 14th are wonderful dates for enjoying romance or meeting someone new. Remember however that with Mercury on go slow until the 22nd, you don’t have to make any final decisions.

Double check all dates and important get-togethers so Mercury retrograde doesn’t catch you out and be aware that misunderstandings are part and parcel of Mercury’s go slow theme. Keep your wits about you and use your Scorpio psychic abilities to learn who you can and can’t trust.

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