Scorpio Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Scorpio June 2016Scorpio (24 October – 21 November)

This could turn out to be a big month for you, the main reason being that your ruling planet Mars is now back in your sign of Scorpio. Mars was in Scorpio in the first two months of 2016 but this time around in June, Mars is retrograde or on go slow.

Therefore you might be revisiting events from the beginning of this year. There might be unfinished business which you want to wrap up and complete. This is an intense Mars, deep and penetrating, Mars on a mission.

On some level you will find that your attention is turned inward and this can be a powerful time of personal transformation. You might be involved in research or preparing yourself ready for events later in the year. Mars in Scorpio has laser focus, it’s serious and committed.

Traditionally this is not the time to initiate anything new and if you want to launch a project or start a new venture, ideally wait until June 29th when Mars turns direct. This is especially important for your personal goals and aims and anything connected to your image, your profile or how others see you. This might also be linked to your physical body.

Know too that this could be a frustrating time for you. You might be experiencing turbulent emotions which you find hard to express or release. It feels like pent-up energy with Mars retrograde in Scorpio so take your time, focus on your well-being and put yourself and your own needs first.

It might also be a good idea to rest and retreat at least for some of the month of June so you’re ready to leap into action once Mars is back up to speed. Mars is going to be on fire next month in your own sign.

When it comes to love, you also need to look at Mars to discover what’s going on. Mars rules sexuality and the libido and on go slow, this can be a frustrating time sexually. This month would be a good time to explore your sexuality more fully or focus on healing but again be kind to yourself and patient and don’t put too many demands on you or the one you love. If you’re in an unhappy relationship, confront your own emotions whilst Mars is retrograde and get ready to act once Mars turns direct.

Up until June 12th, you also have Mercury, the planet of communication, in Taurus and your relationship sector. Mercury has been in Taurus since early April and it’s only on June 7th that Mercury comes out of its shadow phase. This could signify an important turning point for love or a close relationship and it’s an indication that when it comes to love, you need to talk.

As June begins, love planet Venus is in Gemini and the most hidden sector of your chart so here again there’s a theme of exploration, being willing to go in deep to make an intimate connection. As a Scorpio you thrive on a soulmate connection and love is unlikely to last if this is missing. Dig deep if you want to prioritise a close relationship in your life.

If you’re looking for love, this month could raise more questions than it answers. The planet of romance Neptune is strong in your romance sector but Neptune isn’t allowed a free run through the heavens.

In fact, Neptune is caught up in a Grand Cross pattern and this can often create tension. When it comes to new love, you might meet someone who has a lot of baggage, emotional or otherwise. Especially around the New Moon in Gemini on June 5th, be honest with yourself when it comes to love.

If there are any warning signs, pay attention. Be clear about what you want when it comes to love and ensure that the other person meets those needs. Be realistic in your approach to love and relationships and don’t let your fantasy of an ideal love run away with you.

That’s not to say that new love is impossible but you might have to explore your options more fully. Once Venus, the planet of love and relating, enters your fellow water sign of Cancer on June 17th, love has a foreign theme. This is perfect for a holiday romance, a second honeymoon or falling in love with someone different culture.

The Grand Cross also highlights another important area of your life and this is money. Both the New Moon on the 5th and the Full Moon on the 20th take place in financial sectors of your chart, ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius.

Money and finances could be an area of tension or conflict during June and it’s wise to get expert advice or at least ensure that you keep on top of finances. If you’re involved in any kind of legal situation, don’t leave everything to a third-party. Be informed and consider all your options.

You might be in one situation which feels stuck or impossible and if so, you need to take care that you don’t allow fear to control your thoughts. What might help to know is that all the planets involved involved are in mutable signs. Mutable signs are flexible and there’s room for movement. So consider your mindset, be willing to change your beliefs, look at how you can do things differently. What can you change around to ease any difficult or tricky situation?

You might have to wait until the end of the month before you find a breakthrough or a personal situation resolves itself. One day to note is the 29th when Mars is back up to speed and strong in Scorpio but another important date is the 26th when the planet of opportunity and growth, Jupiter, teams up in a stunning trine aspect with Pluto, your modern ruling planet.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and this combination spells good news. Jupiter and Pluto first came together in October 2015 so what takes place now might be linked to events at the end of last year.

Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn activate the earth signs and earth signs rule money, business, productivity, reliability. You reap what you sow and if you’ve kept the faith, hung on in there, refused to give up, you might just find that the end of June brings success or a positive result your way.

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