Scorpio Monthly Horoscope January 2016

2016, ScorpioScorpio (24 October – 21 November)

This is an epic month for you because early in January on the 3rd, your ruling planet Mars enters your sign of Scorpio.

This is power in action, dynamic and go-getting and so different from Mars recent transit of Libra, the sign before yours in the zodiac.

When Mars is in Libra, as it has been since mid-November, you’re more into lounging around, taking it easy and not caring that much about anything. It’s a time for retreat rather than action. It’s all change once Mars moves into your sign and January is a brilliant month to set your intentions and line up your goals for the year ahead.

Mars in Scorpio wants to make a difference, to be noticed, to be powerful. Step into your power, take on a new position of authority and play big. You might not even worry about what other people think but instead decide to do life your way. Mars in Scorpio is self-motivated and focused on personal needs.

One project you’re involved in or one game plan won’t please everyone but even if you come up against conflict or opposition, you’ll keep pushing for what you believe in. This is a determined Mars who will get his way in the end.

Plus Mars remains in your sign for an unusually long time in 2016 so you have no option now but to be more powerful and test yourself. This is because Mars turns retrograde from mid-April to late June so timing is essential to your success. One way or another, you’re going to be focused on your personal goals and what you want to achieve from now until early August.

Discover your passion and commit yourself wholeheartedly to the things in life that matter to you personally.

Another important astrological factor in January is the fact that communication planet Mercury is retrograde or on go slow from the 5th-25th. Plus Mercury spends the majority of this period in Capricorn and your communication sector so it’s a double whammy of potential communication chaos.

This means it’s worth backing up important data, sorting out any technology or transport niggles sooner rather than later. Mercury on go slow can bring disruption to your life in some form or other. It slows you down, it makes you think twice about what you’re doing, urges you to look for a diversion, an alternative route. It hones your ability to fail and not give up in life.

This is bang on target with the same message as Mars in Scorpio. It’s a go-for-it month, whatever or whoever gets in your way.

There will be some arguments and events on the 5th might highlight where these will appear in your life. For some, the battle ground is your place of work especially if there are different opinions on whether to do things conventionally or break the rules instead.

You’re likely to be in feisty mood at work or wherever you spend the majority of your hours and pushing for change is a good thing on the whole. However, at times, you need to double check your inner motivation and ensure that you’re not starting a fight for the sake of it. Any major disagreement could be final so bear this in mind before you speak up. The choppiest dates are the 6th/7th and the 20th/22nd.

Yet amidst the disruption or chaos, there are some brilliant ideas which will emerge and the most positive period of the month in this respect is the 10th-15th. There’s a New Moon in Capricorn on the 10th and this is a fantastic date for an important conversation. Notice who comes into your life on or around this date too.

Collaboration is a theme of this New Moon and working alongside other people in a group will achieve great things. Share your ideas, brainstorm; although being a Scorpio, remember not to give everything away. Keep your best idea close to your chest until Mercury turns direct again on the 25th. It’s important to remember that Mercury is the thief and honesty isn’t part of Mercury’s retrograde plan.

Money is an important factor this month as there are two key planets in Sagittarius and the money sector of your chart. The first of these is Venus and you mat find you’re in the mood to spend and pick up some bargains in the January sales. Venus adds the feel-good factor to money matters.

The other planet in Sagittarius is Saturn and this is more demanding. Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens and it’s wise to be sensible with your money when Saturn’s in this sector of your chart. Don’t be overly extravagant and consider your long-term financial goals. You will achieve what you want on the money front but not straightaway. Focus on what you’re trying to do with regard to money and view this a long-term plan.

Home and family affairs begin to take priority after the 20th once the Sun enters Aquarius and this sector of your chart. If you’ve been avoiding someone, now’s your chance to reconnect. It’s a positive period for home and family affairs when the Sun’s shining down on you. Arrange a family get-together or organise a trip to see relatives who live far away.

The Full Moon on the 24th is especially powerful for you as it highlights the foundations of your chart. The Moon is in Leo and your career sector opposing the Sun in Aquarius and your home and family sector.

Yet you can bring these opposing factors together during the Full Moon whether your achievements make your family proud or you’re ready to make a move that will benefit your family. In some shape or form, what affects one area has a knock-on effect in the other.

Love isn’t high priority now and if you’re in a relationship or married, it’s more important to focus on future goals together. However, don’t forget that Mars is the libido planet and in Scorpio this gives your sex drive an extra boost. If you want more passion in your life, here’s your opportunity.

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