Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Cologne Carnival, ScorpioScorpio (24 October – 21 November)

You should not ignore the fact that your ruling planet Mars is now strong in your sign of Scorpio.

This is a powerful combination and it taps into the side of your character that can wield power to good effect. Wherever you’re ready to wave your transformational wand in your life, here’s your opportunity.

Mars in your sign highlights your personal goals and aims but it’s also about your image, your appearance and how other people see you. This may be a time when you’re increasing your profile in the public eye or considering how you look and how you come across to others. 

Most importantly however, this is a chance to step into your power and do something unique. Focus on your natural skills and abilities and do whatever you do well in the world. If you’ve lost sight of the true you, this is the time to discover who you are.

You can do this via analysis, soul searching, or experimenting with new ideas and projects. Remember that Mars is the action planet so this works best when you take the initiative and set new goals and plans in motion.

Mars makes two important aspects this month on the 3rd and 13th. Both are significant, but the connection between Mars and Pluto on the 3rd is especially powerful for you. This is because Pluto is your co-ruler so you have your two ruling planets connecting in a supportive aspect in the heavens.

Pluto is in your communication sector along with Mercury, the planet which rules the mind, and Venus, the planet of relating. This is where the magic lies in the first half of February whether you initiate an important conversation, ask the right question, get your message across or speak your mind.

January was a tricky month for communication with Mercury retrograde, i.e. on go slow but it’s all change this month. Now is the time to renew those important connections, follow things up and to think second or even third chances. Don’t give up now but keep pushing for what you want to achieve.


The other planet that Mars connects with now is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, in your friendship sector. This indicates that people power is your way forward this month so use your networks and look out for a new group which can enhance your progress fast. The key date in this regard is Saturday the 13th.

Another important area of your life this month is your home and family, your past and where you come from. The Sun is in Aquarius and this sector of your chart until the 19th and is joined by Mercury and Venus on the 13th and 17th respectively. Whether you’re organising a family get-together or you have plans regarding your home or a property that you own, this is a good month to get things moving.

In fact it’s through your home and family or your past connections where you can strengthen your own foundations and build for the future. Money matters are linked to your home and family in a positive way and work and home are linked in your chart too. This may mean you decide to work from home, start a part-time business from home or look into a new career that has a home or family theme.

Look at ways in which you can introduce a healthy work/life balance into your life style and look after the ones you love. You might be playing an important role now in supporting other people whether you’re helping your children with property or career choices or you’re giving guidance to someone else in your family.

This goes both ways too so if you want advice or financial support, turn to the ones you love, your family and the people closest to you. You have one foot in the past and one foot in the future and right now this is extremely useful to you.

Finally this month, the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, your fellow water sign. This turns your attention away from the more practical matters to romance and how to have fun in life. Pisces rules not only love affairs but also children, creative projects and entertainment. It’s all the things in life you ‘give birth’ to.

The 28th feels especially romantic when the Sun and Neptune come together and a Leap Year proposal isn’t out of the question. The Full Moon on the 22nd is another promising date for finding love or for doing something special with your other half. Make the most of your life and focus on what you enjoy doing.

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  1. Hi Sally,

    I love that picture of you. You look great, as a fellow Scorpio. I am the same birth sign as you.

    Keep up the good work, Sally.


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