Scorpio May 2020

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The Sun remains in your opposite star sign Taurus until the 20th and talk planet Mercury is here until the 11th. Taurus rules your relationships, both personal and professional and this month’s theme is about creating more grounded or stable relationships in your life.

Uranus, the planet of change, has been in this same sector of your horoscope since 2018 and Uranus was lively again last month. Uranus is the planet linked to technology, ideal for online dating.

After May 1st, things calm down and you’re wise to try and find some common ground in any partnership that’s been erratic.

Scorpio Full Moon

This is especially important during this month’s Full Moon on the 7th which takes place in your star sign Scorpio. This could be a bewitching, magical time, when you’re wise to trust your natural intuition. Full Moons shine their light and bring clarity to events. They are great times in the month to make a key decision.

Also, both Mercury and the Sun align with your co-ruler, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn on the 9th/10th and 15th/17th. Capricorn is your communication sector and this whole combination feels wise and powerful. You may learn a great deal from someone in your life, e.g. a coach or teacher. Or perhaps, you’re the one who’s teaching others.

Yet, romance remains intriguing for you as your traditional ruler, Mars, enters Pisces on the 13th. Mars will remain here until the end of June. Traditionally, this is a time for romance and for bringing more passion into your life.

The 25th could be especially lively when Mars and Uranus come together. Pisces rules children & pregnancy too, your creative projects, entertainment and luck.

Venus Retrograde

However, as this coincides with the Venus retrograde phase from May 13th to June 25th, things may not be as straightforward as you would expect. Venus is your partner planet, so this is about love too. If anything, you’re likely to discover where you and someone close aren’t compatible or where you want different things in life.

Often, when Venus is retrograde, it’s a good time to take a step back and to turn your attention inwards. Use this as a time for learning more about yourself. Venus clashes with Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, on the 4th and 20th.

Yes, this can be romantic but it’s also wistful and illusory. You may find that your longings or desire for love increase in May. If you’re on your own, your desires may need to remain a dream for a while longer. Gain insight from what you’re yearning for. And, if it works for you, channel your passion into a creative or spiritual outlet.

Money Talks

Another subject to focus on this month is money which may be an issue now, whether you’re in or out of a relationship. The spotlight’s on joint finances, whether this is money you share with a partner or money that’s invested or owed to you.

Venus is in Gemini all month. Mercury, the talking planet is here from the 11th to the 28th and the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. You’re being urged to deal with money matters and communication is the way forwards. Don’t hide letters from your bank or avoid any finance-related issues, but talk to other people and try and seek solutions to problems.

Sometimes, when key planets are in this sector of your horoscope, money comes your way unexpectedly, perhaps through a payout or an inheritance.

The key date is the 22nd when there’s a New Moon in Gemini and Mercury and Venus align. This is a great date to speak up or to initiate a money-making project.

However, it is important to pay attention to what happens mid-month as three planets turn retrograde; Saturn on the 11th, Venus on the 13th and Jupiter on the 14th. When Venus is on go slow, this can coincide with a delay around money, whether you’re waiting for a payment or earnings are slow.

If you do experience a disappointment regarding money this month, take heart that from late June onwards, you have a good chance to improve your situation. With so many planets in mutable signs, keep your options open and don’t rely on one source of income. Explore different avenues and get creative.

Mars On The Move

Finally, note that Mars leaves Aquarius and your home and family sector on the 13th. Plus, this coincides with Saturn changing direction in Aquarius on the 11th.

This may be about a change in your country’s lockdown situation. Some places will be taking more stringent measures while other places will be relaxing their rules. Here too, mid-month is likely to bring in a new phase.

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