Scorpio March 2019

Scorpio, water

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

There’s a lot of planetary activity this month in Pisces, one of your fellow water signs. This is potentially a creative month for you, a time when you’re wise to encourage your inner artist or channel your ideas through visualisation.

Pisces rules the most creative sector of your horoscope and the things in life that you give birth to, including children, also your gifts and talents, your masterpiece. This is a romantic sector of your horoscope and it’s about embracing play more so than work and doing what you love.

There’s a New Moon in Pisces on the 6th which falls next to Neptune, Pisces’ co-ruler. This could prove inspirational for you, a time when you come up with new ideas or dreams that you’re ready to take hold of and run with.

As a Sun Scorpio, you have a laser focus and you love having something to get your teeth into, that becomes your private obsession. The astrology suggests that this is a good month to lose yourself in a passionate or creative pursuit.

Also, communication planet, Mercury, is retrograde this month from the 5th until the 28th. Therefore, this isn’t a top month for being speedy or getting ahead. Instead, you’re wise to take the pace slow and change around your routine so inspiration can strike.

Take time out if you can and allow yourself space to let your mind wander. Be close by water, whether you head for the sea or walk by the river. Be in nature and channel your emotions into an activity that’s uplifting. This might include art galleries, reading poetry, watching film, listening to music. This is most definitely the month when you can find your muse.

Do be aware, however, that this is potentially an overwhelmingly emotional month. You may be feeling sentimental about the past or find that your heart breaks open when you meet someone new or are introduced to a new born baby.

This could be potentially disorienting and confusing as your emotions lead the way. Perhaps not everything will work out as you had hoped with Mercury on go slow and you may find sad emotions creeping in. 

For example, you might be concerned about a child or someone who was in your life some time ago. Stay with your feelings when you can as the best way to deal with them is to experience them fully to find your way through. 

Also, remember not to make any final decisions while Mercury’s on go slow. You can’t believe everything you hear or read when Mercury’s up to its tricks. Instead, be patient, tolerant and kind.

The start of the month could prove significant for your work or health and bring a turning point. This is because the unpredictable planet, Uranus, has been in Aries for the last eight years, your work and health sector. If you’ve been working freelance, job-hopping or your health has been up and down, this could be partly Uranus’ influence.

On the 6th, Uranus leaves Aries and won’t be back for another 84 years. Therefore, when the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, the day of the Equinox, this promises a fresh start and new beginnings in these areas of your life. There’s a Full Moon on the 21st cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac, which could bring news about work or health.

Uranus’ change of star sign is important for you because of the sign it enters on the 6th, Taurus. Uranus remains in Taurus and your relationship sector for the next seven years until 2026. This is the planet linked to twists and turns so a relationship could take off like a rocket or perhaps a relationship ends just as suddenly. 

You might choose an unconventional or younger partner or be ready to experiment with a more unconventional love life. Freedom is Uranus’ byword. Certainly, there’s an ‘anything goes’ feel to Uranus moving through your relationship sector so expect the unexpected and don’t hold on tight.

This is not only about love either, but significant people in your life. Notice who turns up out of the blue early in the month. This person could help you out in ways that you would never have imagined previously.

This is linked to what’s happening with your ruling planet Mars. Mars is in Taurus throughout March and remains here until the last day of the month, the 31st. Therefore, this is a significant time for you when it comes to your 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional.

For some of you, events could easily be romantic with the strong focus on Pisces and your romance sector. You might have to feel your way forwards but once Venus enters Pisces and teams up with innovative Uranus in Taurus on the 27th, you can let your feelings show.

This could be a stand-out date for love and romance. Plus, Mercury turns direct in Pisces and your romance sector on the 28th.

It’s not necessarily about new love. Perhaps, a past love or a person who played a significant role in your life. Someone may be back in touch this month and this whole experience reminds you of happy times and what’s been and gone. It would be a good month to reconnect with a childhood sweetheart.

Look out for other significant partnerships and make a concerted effort to team up with other people. If you’re a true Scorpio, you need soul-mate connections in your life and you need people to bounce your ideas off.

Uranus brings excitement to your partnership sector, although wherever Uranus goes, life is rarely stable. Pick up on Uranus’ lively vibe. With Mars in Taurus all month, your 1-to-1’s are currently more significant than they have been for quite some time. Take close notice of the people who cross your path unexpectedly.

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