Scorpio June 2020

Scorpio, Eclipse

June is one of the most complex months of the year astrologically with two eclipses and communication planet, Mercury, turning retrograde. Yet, your planet Mars is moving forwards at great speed. Therefore, there’s a possibility that you can bypass any major issues and crack on regardless.

Mars Pisces

Having said that, this isn’t necessarily a period when drive and ambition are important to you. Mars, your ruler, is currently in Pisces, a fellow water sign, emotional, sensitive and compassionate.

Pisces rules your artistic and creative desires, your children, romance and the things in life that give you pleasure. Plus, Mars aligns with Neptune in Pisces on the 13th, so this is even more dreamy and meandering, imaginative and go with the flow.

Find a pace that works for you if circumstances allow. Do more of what you love and actively seek indulgences, even if only for a short time each day.

Venus Retrograde

Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde for most of the month, until the 25th. Therefore, here too, the theme is re-winding or pondering, rather than taking decisive action.

You may be apart from the one you love, you may be single and feel wistful about love and romance. Venus and Mars clash on the 5th, so you could find that you and someone close aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Or, perhaps you’re on different paths, with different ideals, hopes or dreams.

If this is true for you, try not to clash or push or rush. It’s a time for questioning and reflecting rather than demanding answers or issuing ultimatums. Wait, at the very least, until Venus turns direct at the end of June.

Lunar Eclipse

One area of life that could prove contentious this month is money. This has a lot to do with the fact that a new eclipse cycle begins this month which lasts until December 2021.

The eclipses cut across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and your financial axis. It’s about money, your own money and the money you share with others.

The first eclipse is a powerful Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse on the 5th. This may give you a flavour of what to expect moving forwards. For some of you, anger may be involved when something hidden comes to light that you weren’t aware of.

Eclipses can symbolise something coming to an end so there may be a shock around money matters. Perhaps, someone who’s not playing by the rules or sharing equally.

Yet, eclipses are about highs and lows. And, for some of you, this may be a time when money’s on the up. Look out for a new opportunity that comes in, a situation that you can take advantage of and do well in the process.

There is a shadowy feel to this, however, so be careful that you don’t get involved in anything underhand. Check out there are no strings attached to a financial transaction or gift. Ensure there’s transparency in all your money dealings.

Solar Eclipse

There’s another eclipse this month too, a Solar or New Moon Eclipse which takes place on the 21st, the day of the Solstice. This falls in Cancer, highlighting the sector of your horoscope which rules education & travel and study.

This is where you expand your horizons, where you dream big, where you find meaning and purpose. This could prove to be a significant date with regard to travel or study, although note that eclipses often bring an ending before a new beginning.

It is a good time to sow seeds that can grow and flourish, especially around education, travel or foreign connection. You might bump into someone who opens up new possibilities in your life. Or, you end up somewhere that proves serendipitous, being in the right place at the right time. 

Mercury Retrograde

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with extra oomph but here too it feels as if you’re playing a waiting game. This is because communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer on th 18th and remains on go slow until July 12th.

Travel will not be straightforward during this period, even if you are boldly venturing out into the world. Double check paperwork, passports and visas, rethink your options, postpone a trip or course for later in the year. Or, ideally 2021.

If you can, wait until July 12th when Mercury turns direct before firming up ideas and plans for adventure and new experiences.

Use the Mercury retrograde phase to find inspiration and take time out from your normal routine. It could be a vivid time for dreams and journalling, learning and exploration. Explore philosophy, religion, spirituality, magic or mysticism. Find your muse.

Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction

Finally, this month, the second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction takes place on the 30th. The first was on April 5th and there’ll be one more during Scorpio season on November 12th.

This power duo falls in Capricorn and your communication sector. It’s about influence and finding your voice. You may be up against the law, you might be appealing to a higher power.

Pluto’s your planet and Jupiter represents truth. Your words have power, they have the potential to bring you wealth or lead you into disrepute. Therefore, use them wisely.

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