Scorpio July 2021

Scorpio July 2021, heart island

Career Goals

Your career and vocation are under the cosmic spotlight this month as your ruling planet Mars is in Leo and this sector of your horoscope until the 29th. This a key time of year for your ambition. Plus, the planet of relating Venus is in Leo until the 22nd – work those contacts.

The trickiest period for career and vocational matters is the first week of the month. This is when both Mars and Venus run into the Saturn-Uranus square aspect. The key dates are the 1st & 7th – Saturn and the 4th & 8th – Uranus.

This feels feisty and frustrating. You may have to dig deep to get what you want. Or, it could flag up difficulties with a business partner or joint venture.

Either that or your personal life intrudes on your professional life. Someone at home might block your progress. This wouldn’t be the best time to mix business and pleasure either and the best advice is not to act impulsively. Don’t leap in if you don’t know all the facts. Ideally, take a step back and think things through carefully.

Wheel Of Fortune

Yet, if you play your cards right this month, you could find that the wheel of fortune turns in your favour as there are some stand-out dates. Firstly, Mars and Venus align on the 13th in Leo. This is the only time this year that these two planets are in unity in this way.

This could be great for meeting a person in a position of influence. Or, finding the right business partner or falling in love with someone you meet at work. The advice is not to mix business and pleasure in the first week of July but events on or around the 13th change things completely.

Then, the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and is joined by talk planet Mercury on the 28th. Plus, on the 24th, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope. A symbol of culmination or resolution.

Don’t give up on a job or career move early July, even if things don’t work out at the beginning of the month. View July as a work in progress. Keep pushing for what you want and aim high.

Next Steps

This is a good month to consider what you’re studying and to look more closely at your qualifications too. The Sun’s in Cancer and your travel and study sector until the 22nd and there’s a stunning New Moon in Cancer on the 10th.

This is the start of some gorgeous astrology flowing in your direction. Use your connections to make the right moves, especially on the 12th, 13th & 15th.

The astrology shifts slightly on the 17th when the Sun opposes your co-ruler Pluto. If you’re taking a test or exam, you could be up against some opposition. The same applies if you’re involved in a legal case.

Not everyone will agree with what you’re doing mid-month. You may find that some people are actively against your beliefs, your actions or thoughts.

Consider what you’re saying No to or where you may have to back down or let go. What takes place could challenge your faith, your religion or where you find meaning in life. You could be forced to look more closely at your beliefs about the world, other cultures, different philosophies, life’s injustices.

As a Sun Scorpio, you don’t skate through life. Instead, you’re willing to tackle the more serious issues and this month’s astrology could reveal where your power can make a difference.

Jupiter Aquarius

Finally, at the end of the month, big planet Jupiter retreats back into Aquarius and your home and family sector on the 28th. Jupiter remains here until the end of the year. There may be a theme of foreign homes or wanting to expand your family.

Events in the first part of 2021 may come home to roost and you find your urge to nest or settle calls strongly. Yet, remember that Jupiter promises freedom as well as expansion.

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