Scorpio July 2019

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Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

July is one of the most complex months of the year astrologically with two eclipses and communication planet, Mercury, turning retrograde. Yet, your planet Mars is moving forwards at great speed. Therefore, there’s a possibility that you can bypass any major issues and crack on regardless.

Career Goals

Your career and vocation are under the cosmic spotlight once your planet Mars enters Leo on the 1st. Plus, Mars remains here until mid-August, making this a key time of year for your ambition. Admittedly, it may be in stops and starts. Yet, pace yourself alongside the astrology and you can go far.

It’s also worth noting that Mercury turns retrograde in Leo on the 7th. Mercury retrograde stops you in your tracks and it’s time to slow down and rethink what you’re doing. As Mercury is on go slow until the end of the month, you might be playing a waiting game with regard to a job, role or major responsibility.

Also, it could mean that you’re wise to follow up all leads and try different things in the month ahead. Go wherever your passion takes you. Some ideas will work out, whereas others will fall by the wayside. Do what you can to stay motivated and determined.

The Wheel of Fortune

The trickiest period for career and vocational matters is the 7th to the 11th. As Mercury slows down, Mars kicks in and these two key planets meet on the 8th. This feels feisty and frustrating. Plus, three days later, on the 11th, Mars clashes with Uranus in Taurus in your opposite star sign. This could flag up difficulties with a business partner or joint venture.

Either that or your personal life intrudes on your professional life. This would not be the best time to mix business and pleasure. When Mars and Uranus clash, the best advice is not to act impulsively. Plus, with Mercury in retreat, be aware that misunderstandings or mis-truths could be rife. Don’t leap in if you don’t know all the facts. Ideally, take a step back and think things through carefully.

If you play your cards right this month, you could find that the wheel of fortune turns in your favour once the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd. The Sun is joined by Venus in Leo on the 28th. And, on August 1st, there’s a New Moon in Leo, a symbol of new beginnings. As this coincides with Mercury’s switch to direct motion, use this timing to work towards something special.

If you want to launch a project, do it at the end of July or beginning of August. Don’t give up on a job or career move either, even if things don’t work out at the beginning of the month. View July as a work in progress. Keep pushing for what you want and aim high.

Mars in Leo teams up with Jupiter in Sagittarius and your personal money sector on the 25th. This is a positive planetary connection that suggests a boost to your finances or a chance to invest your money wisely. You may hear news about money owed on or around this date.

Eclipse Season

Also, in July, there are two powerful eclipses and eclipses promise change or a sudden turn of events. There’s a New Moon or Solar eclipse on the 2nd in Cancer and a Full Moon or Lunar eclipse on the 16th cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the horoscope.

This sector of your personal horoscopes rules education, communication, travel and study. It’s where you expand your horizons, where you dream big, where you increase your knowledge and life experience.

Travel could be more than just a holiday this month. You might bump into someone who opens up new possibilities in your life. Or, you end up somewhere that proves serendipitous, being in the right place at the right time. This could be about love too as your partner planet, Venus, is in Cancer from the 3rd to the 28th.

In addition, Venus is prominently placed during both eclipses. This might flag up a holiday romance or a move abroad to be with the one you love. If you’re in a relationship or married, go back to a place that was special to you and take time out to be with one another.

Eclipses often coincide with the unexpected. Plus, with Mercury retrograde, it is important this month to remain flexible and give yourself extra time if you’re travelling. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected journey or diversion that proves meaningful. Other times, you need to learn patience as your plans change suddenly.

Study & Beliefs

This is a good month to consider what you’re studying and to look more closely at your qualifications. Here too, you might have to change tack suddenly. Perhaps, a course is fully booked, cancelled or postponed. Maybe, you change your mind about a course of study that’s not working out. 

If you’re taking a test or exam in July, you could be up against tough opposition or facing a challenging authority figure. The same applies if you’re involved in a legal case. Not everyone will agree with what you’re doing this month. In fact, there are times when you may find that other people are actively against your beliefs, your actions, your thoughts.

This is especially powerful from the 9th to the 21st and peaks at the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. Your co-ruler, Pluto, is pulled in to this eclipse, so notice what you’re saying No to or where you may have to back down or let go. What takes place throughout July could challenge your faith, your religion and where you find meaning in life.

You will be forced to look more closely at your beliefs about the world, other cultures, different philosophies, life’s injustices. As a Sun Scorpio, you don’t skate through life. 

Instead, you’re willing to tackle the more serious issues and this month’s astrology could reveal where your power can make a difference. Alternatively, it might expose where you feel powerless and you’re unable to influence the events playing out. If so, take a step back and try again next month.

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