Scorpio January 2019

New Year, Scorpio

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

It’s not every year that your ruling planet Mars enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, on New Year’s Day. This is what happens in 2019 which suggests that you could hit the ground running.

Mars in Aries is a physical energy and the spotlight is turned towards your body and your level of fitness. If you’re considering New Year Resolutions that boost your health & well-being and your energy levels, you’re on the right track.

Mars is bold and daring and it’s an important influence in your life this month. Other people might disagree with some of your actions or try and talk you out of your New Year resolutions or health/fitness regime.

If you’re going to achieve what you want, harness Mars’ strength and determination in Aries to push through your own or other peoples’ limitations or fear. If you’re around people in your life who are nay-sayers or negative, this could escalate in January and you’ll start to realise the effect it has on your health and well-being.

This may become evident during the Solar or New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on the 6th and again on the 21st, the day of the Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse. More importantly for you, this is also the day when your planet Mars runs into Saturn.

This month, it’s important to distinguish between real obstacles and limitations that can be overcome. Don’t give up easily on your goals this month but, at the same time, be realistic about what can and can’t be achieved.

The Solar Eclipse on the 6th falls in your communication sector. It’s a tough planetary line-up as the Sun and Moon fall between Saturn and your co-ruler Pluto. This may bring a disappointment or a result that you don’t want. This could be linked to education or waiting for the verdict of someone in a position of authority.

Note that with your ruler Pluto involved, you might be the one who decides to say No as you realise what’s possible and what’s not.

This eclipse is part of a cycle that began in July 2018 and continues until July 2020. The eclipses pick up your education sectors, your desire to travel and experience life to the full. If you are on the move this month, double check travel documentation and allow yourself extra time to get from A to B.

You might be studying to retake exams or feel unsure about what next. This could be a month when you spend a lot of time lost in your thoughts, perhaps feeling disillusioned with your lot or unusually unsettled. If this is true for you, then express your thoughts, write them down or talk to people you trust.

You might find that your plans have to change suddenly so be ready to go with the flow and follow wherever life leads. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st highlights the foundations of your horoscope and flags up the work/life balance.

The eclipse takes place in Leo and your career and vocation sector. This completes an eclipse cycle which began in August 2016 and this particular eclipse falls at 0 degrees of Leo. The theme of new beginnings is strong, although first you have to let go of what’s not working out. This is eclipse lore; sweep out the old to allow fresh energy in.

Plus, both eclipses take place when the planet of change, Uranus, is active in Aries and your work and lifestyle sector. It’s here where you’re wise to turn your attention and to look at what you need to do in order to create more freedom and space in your life. Prioritise your health and lower your stress levels. 

As one of the fixed star signs, you don’t find change easy but this isn’t the time to hold on to what’s not working. Instead, be bold and create some new beginnings in your life. When you start to trust that you can let go of rigidity in your life and create an easier flow, everything changes.

Plus, this is a top month for work and money matters, even if it comes about in an unexpected way.  Look for the silver lining in a cloud or find the blessings in a sudden change of direction. 

Mars is powerful for you this month. Plus, the two best planets, Venus and Jupiter, align in Sagittarius and your personal money sector. This is a reminder to treat yourself and the ones you love. It’s helpful for seeking out a new income stream or exploring ways to make your money go further.

It also offers you a chance to learn about money, have faith, go with the flow and not get hooked up on fear or scarcity around money. You may be of the mind that experiences mould you rather than possessions and material goals. You can learn a lot about freedom now, how to live the life you choose and move away from restriction and limitation. Yes, it’s a big ask but the potential is definitely there.

The end of the month is when you have some lovely astrology that links your work and money sectors and pulls in your home and family sector too. The 22nd is a gorgeous date when Venus and Jupiter align in Sagittarius and your personal money sector. This promises good fortune, so have a flutter and trust your luck.

The 25th is another lively date when your ruler Mars teams up with Jupiter. This is a good date to be spontaneous and take a risk. There might be an opportunity to win a contract or find a new job. Do whatever’s right for you to return to a place of confidence where money and work are concerned.

Finally, when it comes to love, the planet Venus completes its journey through your star sign Scorpio on the 7th. This is a chance to let go, heal a rift or resolve a personal situation that’s taken you in to deep or unexplored territory since early September 2018.

The focus isn’t on love and relationships this month for you. Instead, it’s about getting your own life straight. This is where the emphasis lies. That’s not to say you won’t feel romantic but it’s not where the action’s at.

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  1. Natashia Butterworth

    Thank you sally. I always look forward to my monthly horoscopes. You have been correct on many of events on my readings.
    All the best for the new year x

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