Scorpio February 2021

Scorpio horoscopes February 2021

This month, it’s the people in your life who matter. The key planetary activity takes place in two star signs – Aquarius, ruling your home & family and Taurus, ruling your relationships, both personal & professional.

Passion & Fury

Your planet Mars is in Taurus throughout February, your opposite star sign. Mars represents passion & anger, drive & ambition. If you’re pursuing a relationship, you’re likely to do so determinedly.

Mars in Taurus rarely gives up. Yet, it is worth stopping and noticing what else is going on in your life before you go full steam ahead. This is because Mars clashes with key planets in Aquarius on the 1st, 10th & 19th. This pits your home & family against your relationships, in some shape or form.

It might be that you’re with a partner and your family don’t approve. Alternatively, you’re caught up in an argumentative situation as tensions and tempers flare at home.

The frustrations could come because you can’t see the people you love. Or, you feel cut off from other people. It’s likely to be a month when you won’t see eye-to-eye with everyone so bear this in mind.

It’s a similar theme during the Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th. Feeling trapped or held back, yet wanting or needing freedom. You may find that your own moves are dependent on other people, which isn’t always an easy position for you to be in.

The 25th is likely to be a significant date because this is when Mars and Pluto join forces, your co-rulers. This combination feels intense, even obsessive. You could find yourself in a position of significant power.

Don’t give up easily and be resilient throughout February. Dig deep to achieve your goals. One word of caution is to choose your battles wisely. Mars does like a fight and this is strong Mars’ energy.

Aquarius Energy

During the New Moon on the 11th, the Aquarius energy peaks. Aquarius rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. These areas of your life feel critical or important, more so than usual.

If you need to make a move, this New Moon could see you on your way. Or, it brings a new living situation. New Moons often coincide with new beginnings.

Plus, the New Moon phase is when Jupiter’s role peaks. On the 11th, there’s a Venus-Jupiter conjunction and on the 14th, a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. This feels expansive, generous and open-hearted, whether you’re the one who’s giving or receiving. All this activity falls in your home & family sector.

Mercury Retrograde

There is another factor to note, however, and that is Mercury retrograde, the communication planet. Mercury is in retreat in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February. Therefore, you may need to readdress a situation or issue with regard to your home & family.

You might need to make some tough decisions. Or, perhaps you’re stepping in to support someone close. Do whatever’s necessary. It’s a good time to talk to family or discuss a home or property move.

Once Mercury is back up to speed on the 21st, then you can get things moving and make those key decisions in your life. While Mercury’s retrograde, do your research and consider all your possibilities.

Pisces’ Vibes

The Pisces vibe feels like good news for you as Pisces is a fellow water sign. Once the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you’re more able to reconnect with your heart, your natural intuition.

This is one of the creative sectors of your horoscope. Take up a hobby, prioritise fun and entertainment, ensure you play as well as work. Explore something new when your creative juices are in full flow.

Love planet Venus enters Pisces on the 25th and the Full Moon on the 27th feels both social and romantic for you. This is a reminder to embrace love and life and feel the depth of your emotions. Be open to friendship, spend quality time with your kids and do more of what you love. 

2 thoughts on “Scorpio February 2021”

  1. Hi sally I am a Scorpio born 14th November 1970. I find that everything I do or say of late backfires on me terribly. Within the last week I lost my job over something very trivial I made a comment that I don’t always feel appreciated. I then met a man thinking that he was interested in me but he played games and then ignored me. I am struggling to find work and nothing to do with covid as I live in Australia . I feel like i am walking on egg shells When do us Scorpios get a break.. some days I feel so depressed lonely and at absolute despair.

    1. I’m so sorry things have been tough for you. Mars is Scorpio’s ruling planet and it is currently in your opposite star sign, Taurus. That means that interactions/relationships can be aggravated. It’s best not to react impulsively while Mars is in this placing. With Mercury now retrograde, it’s wise to take a step back and focus on you – rest, read, retreat, be kind to you. It’s also a good time to be in touch with people from your past and be around people who are kind to you. Stay hopeful – you were born with lucky Jupiter next to the Sun so have faith that time will heal. Sending best wishes.

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